Saturday 1 December 2018



Most procedures of UGC / AICTE are impractical and look good only on paper. Most institutions give two hoots to the UGC / AICTE regulations because everyone knows that there is no mechanism to take any action. Even MHRD controlled institutions are involved in gross violations of UGC / AICTE norms. No action is ever taken despite reporting under signatures and complete official address.

Autonomous institutions functioning independent of AICTE / UGC are no less in flaunting the standard procedures. There are excellent procedures but for flaunting at will. Things have gone beyond the control of MHRD. Damage control may work only with a strong will power. There are no standard operating procedures either within the institutions.



The rat race for: 1) Publications in whatsoever journal (generally paid), 2) Attending and Organising conferences / workshops / Short term courses by using the internal resource, These programmes are organised by using the funds provided by the MHRD for improving the quality of education and the conducive atmosphere for the students. But these funds are wasted in internally organising the conferences / workshops / Short term courses and earning the points for further promotions. The mathematics is let us assume there are six departments and two hundred faculty members. Every faculty member attends these programmes (on paper only) and ends up getting SIX PARTICIPATION CERTIFICATES without availing any leave but instead enjoys free hospitality & mementos for which Public Money is grossly misused. 3) Awarding Phds irrespective of quality & research content. One can easily come across lot of theses with Copy-Paste & Plagiarised material on the PRESTIGIOUS Shodganga website. The funniest thing is that such unscrupulous people have even managed to get appointed by AICTE itself, 4) Widespread PLAGIARISM

is the gift of UGC / AICTE.  Please go through the following link:

May God save the Nation!

Tuesday 27 November 2018



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Doomed is the Nation where politicians are officially & legally allowed to buy votes from Public or Taxpayers money to win democratic - secular - impartial - transparent elections to form a democratic - secular - impartial & transparent Government.

Doomed is the Secular (on paper only) Nation where raising communal frenzy is officially allowed to win democratic - secular - impartial - transparent elections to form a democratic - secular - impartial & transparent Government.

All Citizens (Alive and irrespective of any religion) must understand that these unscrupulous politicians are in fact very intelligent and shrewd. They are able to Fool us easily and charge us emotionally only to help them



Please go through this link as well:

Tuesday 6 November 2018



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The firm belief in the philosophy of corruption is the SOLE cause of AIR POLLUTION. It is like doing anything that would tend to harm one's own interests (अपनी कब्र खुद खोदना). We have almost reached a point of no return. The system of Governance with NO ACCOUNTABILITY will never succeed in achieving the Goals come what may. 

All those using the masks for filtering the pollution must use the masks for filtering the pollution, the real ENEMY

Think honestly and introspect. Remember the truth is always bitter, many won't accept it.

Sunday 4 November 2018



True democracy can be sustained and nurtured only when top two political parties are asked to go to the polls again in a situation where none of the parties manage to get at least 50% of the valid votes polled for forming the Government. None of the parties should be allowed to form the Government if they fail to get the magic figure of at least 50 % of valid votes polled. Re-polling is the only option for forming the government.

Asking the top two parties to re-contest at the earliest convenient Sunday will ensure that at least one of them gets a Clear Majority. This will 100% eliminate all possibilities of formation of Coalition Government or the hung parliament / assembly. Horse trading or shifting of loyalties for consideration will become a matter of past. Mushrooming of opportunistic political parties during elections will also become a matter of past.

Or else

This can also be achieved when we consciously and collectively decide to elect people on the basis of their Reputation, Quality of head and the Commitment for the Nation irrespective of party affiliation, cast, creed, language and religion. Voting for the parties has proved to be 100% futile. Till now we have been voting for candidates of a particular party since we don’t agree to the philosophy & election manifesto of other political parties. However, immediately after election all these political parties get together to form Coalition Government (“Gutbandhan kee rajneeti”) without an iota of respect for our sentiments. All political parties by and large take the voters for a ride for managing WEALTH for their families and themselves on sharing basis. Coalition is the decent name for sharing the wealth and other assets of the Nation by the elected politicians.


The Prime Minister can be from the largest group of MPs belonging to a particular party or can be elected unanimously. Remaining positions can be distributed on the basis of proportional representation of every party. Of course Home Minister, Finance Minister, Defense Minister and Foreign Minister will have to be from the party to which the PM belongs. Once we decide, the unscrupulous politicians will VAPORIZE in thin air instantly. The democracy in the present form can’t deliver. It has failed and has only polarized the masses.

Election commission must ensure that the true philosophy of democracy that is “by the people, of the people and for the people” is respected at least now.

Please understand the power of a common man. One right decision can change the future of the Nation. It's time to implement and ensure. Let us rise to the occasion and contribute in REAL Nation building. Let us build a formidable India.

Friday 19 October 2018



Can any country sustain and develop by adopting a principle of PSEUDOISM and particularly in Higher Education? It includes Research & Development. “Make in India” and “Weak Currency” is a greatest gift of PSEUDOISM. Shall we continue with it for the PROSPERITY of our next generation?

The simple answer is NO. Please understand that the one of the main causes of not succeeding is because we work only for personal development and growth. Individual consciously honest introspection has the power to achieve our GOALS.

Let us:
  1. Adopt a principle of “Work for the Nation and the Nation First”.
  2. Resolve to Turn Tables and start building a sound Technological base similar or better than most of the Developed Nations.

 This can be achieved when we consciously and collectively decide to elect people:
  1. On the basis of their Reputation, Quality of head and the Commitment for the Nation is known in general.
  2. Irrespective of party affiliation, cast, creed, language and religion. Voting for the party has proved to be 100% futile. We vote for candidates of a particular party only because we don’t agree to the philosophy & election manifesto of other political parties but after election all these political parties form Coalition Government (“Gutbandhan kee rajneeti”) without an iota of respect for our sentiments. All political parties by and large take the voters for a ride for managing WEALTH for their families and themselves on sharing basis. Coalition is the decent name for sharing the wealth and other assets of the Nation by the elected politicians.

Let us elect only the people with INTELLECTUAL WEALTH AND COMMITMENT FOR THE NATION. Let us try it right from today. Let us vote on the principle of “Deserving Person Only” irrespective of her/his party affiliation. There should not be any hesitation in electing an Independent candidate if he/she deserves. The trend of electing deserving Candidates or Independents will also help in minimizing the role of money poured in by Business Houses for gaining control. Professionals without fat-bank balance would also feel encouraged to contest for serving the Nation.

I strongly feel that the Government so formed will bring in seasoned and professionally qualified persons to head ministries. Such Government will then be in a position to put various ministries under the control of Secretaries who have professional experience in a desired area. Of course Nepotism has to be on the backburner.

Once we decide, the unscrupulous politicians will evaporate instantly. The democracy in the present form can’t deliver. It has failed and has only polarized the masses. Please understand the power of a common man. One right decision can change the future of the Nation. Shall we try? Nothing is impossible. Let us build a formidable India.

Wednesday 17 October 2018



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PhD degree is mandatory for becoming a faculty in an institution of repute. These guidelines are due to the hard work done by the custodians of the higher education in the country. The way PhD topics are selected or identified, the way it is supervised and awarded needs to be interpreted on an urgent basis. Without any prejudice, I would like to be enlightened on the following issues:

  1. What is the understanding of PhD degree in the minds of the Custodians?
  2. Why PhD is made mandatory?
  3. What is the meaning of a research Supervisor?
  4. Do the Supervisors really supervise research?
  5. How are the PhD topics selected?
  6. Who all are responsible for fooling the Nation in the name of a research? 
  7. Who all are responsible for awarding the PhD degrees for a so called research work that in fact is worth awarding an ITI certificate at the max?
  8. Is there a possibility of arresting this exponential decay that has already taken place in the quality of research in the country?

There are many more issues but the right response to the above issues will take care of them. The logical answer will help us in:

  1. Understanding the reasons for technological gaps between China and India.
  2. Saving precious foreign exchange.
  3. Saving non-replenishable resource.
  4. Increasing the per capita income of the people and hence the prosperity.
I am posting this blog fully knowing that there won't be enough takers for this issue. May be it will prick many consciously but I still request you all involved in supervising or pursuing research to at least go through and give your valuable feedback in the interest of your next generation and the Nation. Honest and serious introspection is certainly needed at this stage since the Custodians of research have officially followed the policy of QUANTITY over QUALITY for appointments and promotions.

Thursday 13 September 2018



Image result for nepotism

Image result for nepotism

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This is the way most people have chosen over self-esteem to progress and prosper in India. Quality and Capability has no place even in the minds of so called educated lot in the country. Nepotism and sycophancy has created a MESS in the country.

The friendship and close relationship of the three prominent British educated Indians with the British has costed us the bright and prosperous future. British were successful in FOOLING & EXPLOITING the masses with the help of trusted trio. Most unfortunate is that the Governments after Governments continued with the same policies of self-destruction. We stand more divided today then we were during the British Rule. Psychologically & intellectually we were not mature enough to handle and enjoy the democracy. The outcome is in front of every one of us.

Nepotism and Plutocracy have been nurturing only Pseudo- intellectualism. This pseudo-intellectualism is at peak in every system and is the ROOT cause of our collective failure. Casteism, regionalism, religion all lead to corruption and nepotism. Almost all key appointments for key positions today are the result of Nepotism and Plutocracy. You name anything you will find it a victim of Nepotism and Plutocracy. I don't see any ray of hope without a dedicated willpower.

The pseudo-intellectual scientists and faculty is also the gift of nepotism & plutocracy. These pseudo-intellectuals are the greatest channel for the outflow of precious foreign exchange. The collective outflow of foreign exchange due to these pseudo-intellectuals is probably being more than what the influential business persons have managed till date.

There is a minimum qualification prescribed even for the post of Sweeper in the country but to become a Member of Parliament following is the eligibility criteria:

“As per article 84 of the constitution, a person is qualified to be a member of parliament provided he is a citizen of India, has completed 30 years of age in case of Rajya Sabha and 25 years in case of Lok Sabha”. Qualification has no place in the eligibility criteria for MP. There can’t be any other better reason for our failure.

Since the head of the various ministries are appointed on the basis of nepotism and not on the basis of Qualification & Quality, these unscrupulous pseudo-intellectuals are able to MANAGE these HODs to their best advantage. The situation has gone beyond control. We are heading for complete mess and anarchy. This system of governance can’t manage anymore, be it NDA or UPA etc. I see no ray of hope.

Monday 3 September 2018



The reasons for failing to have proportionate all round expected growth are Corruption, Caste and Nepotism Centric Policies. It is NOT the country first for us.

The only reason for all round accelerated growth of China is their Nation Centric Policies. It is the country first for them.

COME WHAT MAY, THE NATION CAN’T GROW UNTIL WE ADOPT NATION CENTRIC POLICIES. Our academic institutions and R&D organizations have failed to deliver because the managers chose to give TOP priority to Corruption, Caste and Nepotism over quality. In fact this is our National Policy for the day.

The result is obvious. *Transparency International (TI) has published the Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) since 1995, annually ranking countries "by their perceived levels of corruption, as determined by expert assessments and opinion surveys." The CPI generally defines corruption as “the misuse of public power for private benefit”.

India has been ranked 81st in the Global Corruption Perception Index for 2017, released by Transparency International, which named the country among the “worst offenders” in terms of graft and press freedom in the Asia Pacific region. It was 79th in 2016. Transparency International further said, “In some countries across the region (Asia Pacific), journalists, activists, opposition leaders and even staff of law enforcement or watchdog agencies are threatened, and in the worst cases, even murdered”.

Forget permanent membership of Security Council until we eliminate the three greatest enemies (Corruption, Caste and Nepotism) of our growth and introduce “Affirmative Action” on a war footing. Onus of ensuring the Sustainable Democracy is on The Election Commission of India and the Supreme Court of India. Expecting politicians to act will be akin to daydreaming.


Monday 13 August 2018



IITs mull cancelling JEE Advanced, scrapping B.Tech courses
[IITs mull cancelling JEE Advanced, scrapping B.Tech courses |Photo Credit: Representative Image]

IIT Council in its endeavour to revamp the engineering education system in the country is suggesting doing away with JEE Advanced and scrapping B. Tech. programmes from IITs. Another proposal suggests increasing seats to 80000.

Comments, without any prejudice:
1. Scrapping of JEE Advanced is a very positive step forward by the MHRD for the benefit of all the aspiring students and their parents. The advantages of scrapping this test have already been discussed in my blog:


The slot available now can be taken as the second attempt / chance as has already been decided by the MHRD. CBSE can declare the result of first attempt and give a simultaneous option for taking the second attempt for all those who want to improve the performance, however all the students who have taken the JEE Mains examination will remain eligible to take the second chance.

CBSE will come up with a common composite merit list after considering the better of the two attempts. Admission process starts thereafter.

Scrapping of JEE Advanced will also free up number of faculty members who are responsible for conducting the test but wasted in terms of teaching that was their primary job.

2. There is a need to exercise caution on the proposal of doing away with the B.Tech. courses at IITs. I strongly feel that this step will prove to be a disaster. This will be an end of the quality research and teaching. This step in any case won’t help, instead we must revert to the system which the IITs were following till early 1990s. Progress graph has only shown a decline in quality of research and teaching. It is most important to diagnose the disease carefully rather than starting a treatment with non-conclusive investigations. My gut feeling is that with the present setup, the whole IIT system will become a liability on the Nation in a time to come.

Dynamic undergraduate students are a must for vibrant and active innovative research. Teaching dynamic students helps in improving the quality of teaching and identification of innovative research ideas. These ideas when converted to commercial technology, bring laurels to the institute and the Nation.

3. The proposal of offering semester experience instead of the complete degree to 80,000 students looks very attractive on paper but not in reality. It will do no good to the education. Allowing a semester experience to 80000 students is likely to defeat the objective of doing away with the undergraduate programmes at IITs.

Their orientation, discipline, housing and messing will be another challenge to the respective IIT. Please note that the present setup in IITs hasn’t been able to provide minimum of facilities to the current 10000 students. As a matter of fact this increase to 10000 itself is the main reason for the decline of IITs.

Suggestion / Solution:
The concept of ‘Revamping Engineering Education and Returning Childhood to students’ is very appropriate and MHRD deserves all the appreciation but some more homework is required before childhood could be returned in reality.

Revamping of The quality of Engineering Education must be linked to the GDP and the minimum target figure must be 30% from Manufacturing Sector. This was one the of the main objectives of starting IITs in the country. The onus is on the education system and the present structure of the system followed will never allow this figure to achieve. Revamping is required here. Treatment is required here. Doctors must be educated and experienced to treat this disease which is more dangerous than the Cancer & Diabetes put together. India won’t have World-class Universities until this disease is eradicated on the pattern of Smallpox and Polio.

Saturday 14 July 2018



Image result for Suicidal tendencies in dissatisfied engineering students in india

Students in most situations are generally not satisfied with the teaching methodology and evaluation system followed currently and faculty quite often has to face situations where it becomes practically impossible to satisfy the students. The level of dissatisfaction amongst the students from various academic institutes has reached a stage where some students are able to manage courage to openly express “The quality of teaching is so poor that we have lost interest in learning. Please give us degree and we want to say goodbye to the Institute / University”.

This is where an exercise was undertaken for identifying the limitations & bottlenecks of the existing system of higher education with an objective of REKINDLING the interest in the minds of the students for attending classes. The analysis of responses of various students helped in designing a system which by and large is fair and is the choice of my students for the last twenty years.

This system can safely be termed as “Students friendly ZERO complaint system”. The system has following characteristics:

  1. This system is student friendly and doesn’t sacrifice even an iota of academic discipline.
  2. Ensures brainstorming for growth, wisdom & self-confidence of the students.
  3. Attendance concept becomes redundant since it encroaches on the mental freedom of an individual. Please understand that students attending classes without the compulsion of attendance is the endorsement of the quality of a Teaching & Faculty both. No further feedback will be necessary.
  4. Marking of proxy therefore will have no place in the system. This will save time. Please understand that students having right to elect Government can very well decide to attend or not to attend classes. 
  5. The invigilation system during examination should be done away with. Let us treat every human as honest until proved otherwise. However students may be asked to sign the oath of integrity before taking the examination.
  6. Concept of "Open Book Test" may be encouraged. This will reinforce the above statement at 5.
  7. Students must have full confidence in the quality & fairness of the evaluation process. A ‘zero complaint’ system has been developed where most such issues have been addressed. I am using this technique successfully for the last 19 years in my subjects. 
  8. Students are able to discover their capability. They will be able to “Stop looking towards West”.
  9. Students are motivated to plan start-ups rather than running after the placement. Introduce the concept of “Be the Employer rather than an Employee”
  10. Students take pride in pursuing “Honest, need based innovative research and product designs”. Concept should be “Be the leader rather than a follower”.
  11. Strengthen the system of “Discovering faculty for the subject rather than discovering a SUBJECT for the Faculty”. The current practice has devastated our education system and hence the country.
  12. Research topics and the research supervisors are not imposed on the research students. The current practice has completely throttled the freedom of research but it is practiced only to build the CV of the faculty. This is done at the expense of the Research Scholars and the Nation. There is hardly any freedom given to the PG students to choose the Project Topic of their choice. They are rather threatened to accept. Therefore most projects don’t reach a stage of logical conclusion.
  13. There is IMMEDIATE need for a ‘Watchdog Agency’ to identify institutions which have and are still misusing the “Academic Autonomy” and be able to fix the accountability without any hesitation. Most programmes have lost their utility due to the gross misuse of Academic Autonomy. Students are wasted and the Nation not able to progress.
  14. NAAC and NBA are not able to bless universities / institutions not having basic infrastructure as prescribed by UGC / AICTE. Such blessed universities / institutions only end up wasting the human resource (Students). 

I have revolutionised the education system in the last 19 years and have implemented it successfully in my courses at IITD. I have also implemented a “Seamless multi-entry and multi-exit most flexible academic structure for technical education at SLIET, where I had the opportunity to implement.

I deliver interactive motivational talk of around 2~3 hours duration, jointly for students and faculty from all the departments. The sole intention is to recharge them to deliver positively. I love interacting with large audience. The topic of my talk is:


The talk integrates six modules:

1. Glorious past of India
2. Current challenges
3. Causes including Lord Macaulay’s system of education
4. Brainstorming through classroom teaching
5. Innovative research leading to independence from Mental Slavery
6. Impact of Brainstorming: Discover own talent & capability and mental freedom

Brainstormed students will make responsible citizens and contribute in building “FORMIDABLE INDIA”

“Dynamic and healthy education system can make India a “World Power with relentless belief in peaceful coexistence where no one shall dare to have evil designs against us, not even in dreams”

Saturday 9 June 2018


Related image

Most Institutes have adopted a practice of giving written test followed by an interview by a Selection Committee for admission to the PhD programme. This is done after adopting a cut-off percentage / CGPA as a first step for eligibility.


Despite testing the ability through written test and interview there is also a minimum cut-off percentage or CGPA requirement for getting shortlisted for the remaining procedure. This condition of minimum cut-off percentage or CGPA is injustice and highly discriminatory. The procedure doesn't offer "equal opportunity" to all qualified candidates and causes frustration & depression in the minds of the qualified candidates. There is no justification of having a minimum cut-off. It doesn't ensure the equal opportunity to all. It is against the natural justice to the admission seeking candidates. The existing procedure may please be modified as follows:

Eligibility: Valid degree irrespective of any percentage or CGPA. Every student having a valid degree must be allowed to take the written test. Please understand that “low percentage / CGPA in the qualifying degree examination don’t prove that the student is bad. There are various possibilities for this kind of poor performance but it doesn’t mean that we should close doors to success forever.

 One must remember the initial progression of Edison and Einstein. Einstein wouldn’t have become one of the greatest scientists according our conditions. Can anybody realize the loss to the World our procedure is causing?

Written Test: Only Optical mark recognition, also called optical mark reading, OMR based test depending on convenience of the institute. Else UGC / AICTE can conduct this test centrally may be twice in a year.

Cutoff: This is the point where reasonable cut-off can be fixed (may be 30%). Don’t shortlist any candidate less than the minimum cut-off even if this results in a dry run. It may be 1:5 minimum if there are sufficient candidates available above the minimum cut-off.

Selection of Broad area of research: It is already there in the “Statement of Purpose”, SOP. No researcher must be forced or compelled to choose a topic which is not her / his choice. Please remember the research is always by CHOICE and not by COMPULSION.

Research Supervisor: It must be the pure choice of the candidate. It has been noticed that most institutes are imposing research topics other than the choice of the candidates for a shear consideration of building the CV of the faculty members.

It is also true that the genuine researcher won’t change the research topic or area for the sake of admission. All those, who accept the change, only prove the point that they are only interested in obtaining the PhD degree purely for the purpose of employment. The Selection Committee must avoid selecting such candidates.

 The actions of so called pseudo intellectuals are destroying the youth, education and research. These people have failed the science and engineering. May God save the research? The Nation is getting very badly impacted. I hope the custodians or the managers of higher education are able to read between the lines.

 Institutes / Universities must only promote the quality research and not number of PhDs for building the CV / Bio-data of faculty members for their promotion alone.

Thursday 7 June 2018



How Heat Affects Solar Panel Efficiency

Nuclear power based on Fast Breeder Reactor (FBR) technology and Wind Energy are the only two viable sources of energy for meeting demands of today and future. Concentrating and Investing heavily in Solar Power based on Solar cells may prove to be disastrous for the Nation. It is impossible for the solar panels to function efficiently due to:

  1. Highly dusty Indian environmental conditions
  2. High environmental operating temperatures (greater than 25 °C)
  3. Severe shortage of water
  4. High maintenance costs
  5. Poor maintenance
  6. Mainly an imported technology therefore can’t be competitive.

Most panels will only be standing like a statue having no commercial value in a time to come except throwing a very serious challenge of managing the E-waste.

Western World has successfully influenced India not to concentrate on nuclear power where we are very strong in technology but on Solar Power which will prove to be disastrous for the Nation.

It is still time to wake-up and concentrate mainly on FBR technology and Wind power however there is no hindrance in continuing research for finding other alternative sources of energy. Hydel and coal based power plants will have their own problems soon.

Windmills could be installed at all places where forced draft is also available, like Tunnels, Highways, Railway tracks, Skyscrapers etc. Immediate action is required. 

Thursday 31 May 2018



Academic excellence in any University or Institute becomes the victim when purely academic and research related decisions are taken on the principles of “Gutbandhan Politics” or Unholy Alliance of technically incompetent & insensitive faculty in the system. Merit (academic) will continue to remain on the backburner.

Students have started expressing their dissatisfaction. Most classrooms are devoid of Brainstorming. Mental health of many students is under serious threat. Increased number of depression cases and some isolated cases of suicides in the institutes of higher learning is proof enough of presence of Technically Incompetent & Insensitive Faculty in the system. Such Faculty members knowingly build-up mental and physical pressure on the students in trying to maintain a virtual image of an International Scientist. It is strange that this angle hasn’t been noticed or considered till date. The current situation must be taken as a wake-up call. 

No amount of funding will help. It is time to treat the disease. It can be treated by fixing the accountability of all people in the chain responsible for hiring such Technically Incompetent & Insensitive Faculty.

Strong Faculty hiring and assessment programme can help in hiring faculty with the desired temperament and identifying such Technically Incompetent & Insensitive Faculty. The academic must not be allowed to hire another academic. The steps in faculty assessment programme could be:


Hire new

Act before Hardcore Manufacturing Education is failed 
Act before it leads to the failure of “Make in India” programme
Act before it is too late

Saturday 14 April 2018



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The main cause of dilution or the failure of engineering education is the ‘Engineering Curriculum’ followed after the introduction of 10+2+4 system of engineering by the Government in 1977. Our visionary custodians of engineering education simply took off one year from the then existing five year engineering degree programme. Our selfish Pseudo-Intellectual Faculty responsible for handling engineering courses very comfortably took off at least ten hard core engineering courses rather than taking off some of the courses from the pure sciences stream which got shifted to one extra year that was introduced at the secondary school level. This decision taken in a hurry or unscrupulously was the first nail in the coffin of engineering education in the country.

One of the most unfortunate other causes of failure of Technical Education is also the failure of Selection Committees in hiring or selecting the faculty. The system has failed because the Selection Committees most often end up hiring the EMPLOYEES in place of TEACHERS. Unfortunately we don't understand the meaning of TEACHER but we appoint them in plenty. 

Journal Publication based existing selection procedure of faculty has is also contributing in failing the education 100%. The existing system of assessment just can't deliver since it is completely devoid of any 'Brainstorming'. As a matter of fact this system has been meticulously evolved by unscrupulous teachers who are basically the "Classroom to Classroom” teachers. No ray of hope because the system is in the clutches of the people who themselves got benefited from it.

Teachers help and ensure bright future of the students (youth) and the Universities / Institutions also grow / blossom to become World-class systems while on the other hand Employees only poison the future of the youth. The outcome is in front of us. It is the failed industrial base and un-employability of poisoned youth. 

The 9+2 system of school education was changed to 10+2 in 1977 and the custodians of Technical Education very smartly truncated the 5 year degree programme to 4 year degree programme by eliminating some of the very important engineering subjects instead of cutting down the pure science subjects which by and large is the repetition of what the students cover at +2 level. It means the five year degree programme effectively got reduced to 3 years. Further to add fuel to the fire, there are some Universities / Institutes in the country where Final year students are sent for compulsory Internship in the eighth semester thereby further reducing the effective teaching to 2.5 years only which used to be 5.5 years in the past. The T&P activities also practically eat-away the final year teaching in most institutes. Therefore the  quality of present day engineers is anybody’s guess. The most unfortunate part is that the students themselves don’t know that they are being taken for a ride by the unscrupulous Universities / Institutions.

Anybody having time to look into?

Wednesday 21 February 2018



We as a Nation have lost so much in the name of research that if we start totalling it up, the figure would probably be higher than the sum of all the scams put together. Therefore investments in research are the real drain of resources and precious foreign exchange. I am not against the funding of research or research activities but I am against the unscrupulous researchers who succeed in managing huge funding by confusing or convincing the uneducated but literate Politicians & Managers of R&D schemes. It is also seen that nepotism takes over in the absence of desired knowledge. 

The cobweb of these unscrupulous researchers around the honest & struggling researcher is much stronger than the cobweb of Darwin's bark spider who’s silk is the toughest biological material ever studied, over ten times tougher than a similarly sized piece of Kevlar.

Uninterrupted import of technology, equipment, instrumentation and software is the sufficient proof of what is highlighted above. As a matter of fact the unscrupulous researchers take pride in importing almost everything in the name of research.

This cheating must be stopped and can be done by creating a 'watch dog' agency consisting of scrupulous, honest and innovative researchers who are capable of reading between the lines. 

Accountability must be fixed and necessary action as deemed fit must follow. Else Research will continue to behave like a ‘Black Hole’ which will keep gulping the tax payer’s money without any tangible outcome. 

Intentions of the Government are not doubted but the people who are managing it have doubtful integrity. May God save the Nation? 

Monday 19 February 2018



Journal Publication based existing selection procedure of faculty has failed the education 100%. The existing system of assessment just can't deliver since it is also completely devoid of any  'Brainstorming'. As a matter of fact this system has been meticulously evolved by unscrupulous teachers who are basically the "Classroom to Classroom” teachers or simply the CLASSROOM teachers.

No ray of hope because the system is in the clutches of the people who themselves got benefited from it.

But how to start and from where to start is the thought of the day. Every student should take a pledge and it has to be followed strictly by all the institutions from KG to degree level. I am sure definitely the change can be brought in the system and it would be a turning point for the improvement in our education system. 

The wayout could be the petition we must start. Try and manage few lakh signatures and submit it to the Prime Minister for immediate action. Continue efforts and have faith in the God, someday we will succeed. Youth has to understand this since they are at the receiving end. They are the losers. May God bless.

Sunday 18 February 2018



Academic pundits start suggesting measures like:

1. Installing mobile jammers 
2. Increased frequency of ‘Flying Squad’
3. Strict invigilation 
4. Strict disciplinary action etc. etc.

Whenever, students are caught copying or using unfair means during the examination.

No one talks of the reasons / causes which are wholly & solely responsible for pushing students to copy openly and brazenly.

Above four points are just the symptomatic / temporary relief measures but the disease remains. What is this disease? Why that is our academic pundits never talk about it? Is it difficult to diagnose the disease? Are academic pundits really the teachers? The simple answer is big NO otherwise they would have easily identified and treated the disease instead of letting it become a cancer. These are the ones who are responsible for producing ‘paper certificate / degree holding school pass outs / undergraduates / post graduates’.

All those teachers in whose subjects students are able to comfortably copy are not the teachers in real sense. They may be good humans but definitely not the good teachers. The good teacher is one in whose subject students find it almost impossible even to write an ‘Open book test’. Why tempt the students, teachers must be confident of giving ‘Open Book Test’ to them?

Teacher is the one who ensures 'Brainstorming' in the classroom. Whose teaching is need based and realistic. Teacher is the one who knows 'Why & How' of the subject along with the general awareness. 

Action must be taken against the ‘So called teachers’ and not the students. Weed out such ‘So called teachers’ first at the earliest to put education system back on the track.

Sunday 28 January 2018



All Researchers, Scientists and Managers (Research & Planning agencies) complain about “Lack of Resources”. Hope it includes “Lack of wisdom, Intellectual resource, Commitment and Self-esteem” as well? I really wonder as how pumping of money will address these issues which are of more serious nature than Capital goods?

Importing equipment, instrumentation and software for learning to use them and generating data can’t be taken as research. It only helps in converting a Researcher into a good for nothing Technician that is neither fit to work on Shop-floor nor to work as Honest Researcher.

Most unfortunately most research facilities are mostly producing “Technicians who are smartly Termed as Researchers (TTRs)”. This philosophy has become the mainstay of research (PhD) in the country.

The scenario is:

  • ITIs are not producing trained Technicians.
  • Academic & Research Institutes are not producing grass root level / innovative research.
  • Engineering Institutions are mostly producing paper degree holding engineers (PDHE) who are mostly unemployable.
  • Later most of these TTRs in the disguise of a Faculty since they hold the degree of PhD, start teaching engineering to the students while they are not even fit to work as Technicians.
  • Thrust is on publicity and own career building rather than building an effective education system for sustaining the youth and the Nation.
  • Gross misuse of autonomy and unscrupulous dilution of curriculum.
Sustainable manufacturing and product development needs balanced combination of trained & skilled Technicians and Educated Engineers & Researchers. This serious imbalance created due to our apathy & lack of commitment has given opportunities for Multinational Companies (MNCs) to take full advantage for spreading their wings in the country forever. Once established these MNCs won’t let Small Scale and Medium Scale industries to sustain. I hope our policy makers and TTRs are able to judge the impact on the Nation. Indiscriminate purchase of imported equipment, instrumentation and software only make MNCs rich at the expense of the poor people of this country. One must not be allowed to buy or import the equipment only for verifying the published work done elsewhere. MOST IMPORTANT IS NOT TO ALLOW MULTIPLICITY OF EXPENSIVE EQUIPMENT AND INSTRUMENTATION IN THE SAME INSTITUTE.
Another unfortunate situation is the most selfish attitude of our faculty & researchers. Most of such resource is purchased only to increase the number of stereotype publications for getting promoted to higher positions or for the reasons best known to them. Most don’t allow fellow faculty & students to use the resource and again most Heads of the institutions don’t take any action despite reporting it to them. 

The apathy and lack of integrity of most people particularly the Heads of the Institutions is fast turning this Nation into the Nation of Followers and Mental Slaves. Chatur Ramalingam the famous character of super hit Hindi movie ‘Three Idiots’ describes this best.

This unscrupulous import of foreign equipment, instrumentation and software for no real positive contribution for the development of the Nation collectively from all the Universities and Institutions becomes probably one of the major sources of outflow of precious foreign exchange.

Are there still some people to take immediate corrective action for the sake of our Nation?

Monday 22 January 2018



Thank you dear delegates. Your enthusiastic participation has laid the foundation for taking another step in this direction.

The overwhelming response from the enthusiastic Welding Professionals for the two days’ “Workshop on GMAW / MIG Welding and its Variants”, organized by the Indian Welding Society (IWS) at the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, 19-20 January, 2018 deserves to be thanked sincerely. Our target was forty delegates but nearly eighty delegates registered. The response was so overwhelming that we had to shift to a bigger room to accommodate all the delegates. This response has strengthened our resolve to PLAN more of such programmes on regular intervals. The intention is:

  • To spread the “HARD CORE” knowledge on the subject that has become scarce in the Technical Institutes including Institutions of higher learning. 
  • To develop the confidence for spending time on the Shop-Floor productively.
  • Be able to discipline the work-force.
  • Honestly philanthropic. The fee charged is only to meet the actual expenses. IWS is 100% non-profit organization.

The overall objective is to strengthen the “Make in India” policy of the Government of India by improving the sustainability of the Manufacturing Sector and new Start-ups in the country.

Technical education has been completely messed up to the point of no research by the technical institutions including institutions of higher learning in the recent years. The roaring business through commercialization of technical education by various private coaching institutes is the proof of it. 

I invite everyone including people from academia to suggest hot topics which are immediate need of the Industries and Academic research in various academic institutions.

One can reach me on:

Sunday 21 January 2018




The admissions to the present PG programmes on the basis of GATE are the outcome of sincere efforts of many a people involved and the present system is the result of such continuous evolution. However, observing very closely the output of the PG programmes over the period positively suggests some drastic modifications particularly keeping in mind the policy of the Government of India on “Make in India”. It is very clear that some policies followed at the time of admission are seriously jeopardising the success of “Make in India” programme. Since we all are committed to the success of the programme, following modified procedure is suggested for implementation with immediate effect, 
Session 2018-19.

  • Admission to All M Tech programmes must be from amongst the candidates who have qualified GATE in that programme or stream only. 
  • Admission to students from other streams should be allowed only when seats remain / fall vacant.
  1. This proposed procedure for admission to various M Tech programmes may kindly be implemented with immediate effect (Session: 2018-19). Else M Tech programmes will die a natural death.
  2. This will also eliminate the presently used complicated, illogical and wasteful procedures.
  3. The MHRD may like to ensure uniform implementation throughout the MHRD controlled Institutions in the country.
  4. The MHRD may direct all concerned to include these guidelines for improving the quality of M Tech programmes in the GATE notifications for the Session 2018-19. These guidelines once implemented will make the programmes technically effective and easy for the candidates.
Example: M Tech programmes, Department of Mechanical Engineering, IITD

Assistantship (20)
Seats (Proposed)
·       Self-sponsored or Self-financing, 20.
·       Assistantships as and when becoming available may be offered as per merit.
*Sponsored (Employed)
Max 5, Supernumerary
As per merit from amongst the received applications in the Design programme only.
As per merit from amongst the received applications in the Design programme only.
As per merit from amongst the received applications in the Design programme only.
As per merit from amongst the received applications in the Thermal programme only.
As per merit from amongst the received applications in the Thermal programme only.
As per merit from amongst the received applications in the Thermal programme only.
As per merit from amongst the received applications in the Industrial programme only.
As per merit from amongst the received applications in the Industrial programme only.
As per merit from amongst the received applications in the Industrial programme only.
As per merit from amongst the received applications in the Production programme only.
As per merit from amongst the received applications in the Production programme only.
As per merit from amongst the received applications in the Production programme only.
* Self-financing and Sponsored categories must be well highlighted and given maximum publicity for making it a success.

  1. Fill up the seats from the merit list of the particular programme only.
  2. No inter-programme admissions allowed.
  3. No moderation / rationalization amongst the various programmes.
  4. No transfer of seats until falling vacant.
  5. No minimum cut-off in any stream. Continue till seats are filled in order of merit.
  6. Therefore there may be different cut-offs for different programmes.
  7. Do away with the interview immediately. The current practice is JUST not fair for the candidates who have been working hard to clear GATE examination. The introduction of INTERVIEW introduces an element of doubt and results in frustration of the candidates and wastage of resource.
  8. Full respect to the GATE Merit List should be the criteria.
  9. Candidates must be called only for offering admission.
  1. Self-Sponsored category must be introduced for the reason that around 50% or more students leave M Tech programme midway for taking up jobs with the PSUs.
  2. All resources engaged in teaching the particular programme at times go below the minimum break-even point in terms of productivity. 
  3. The presence of self-sponsored candidates will at least ensure the healthy class room strength to be able to justify the investment in resources.
  4. This will also provide one more opportunity to those students who are committed.
  5. This will also help in producing more trained manpower with the same investment of resources.
  1. Sponsored candidates must be encouraged for improving the quality of employed engineers and it will definitely help in improving the productivity of the “Make in India” programme.
  1. All candidates with Assistantship leaving the programme midway must be asked to refund the amount to the respective Institution.
  2. Failing the PSU he is joining must be asked to ensure the refund. 
  3. This clause must be added to the agreement signed between the MHRD and the PSUs.