Wednesday 25 May 2016




The English translation of the caption in Hindi is “I am not able to decide whether I should get my children educated and make them worthy officers of the type shown or they should remain UNEDUCATED to become a powerful muscle flexing leader as shown in the picture”.

Answer to most of the current scenario is already with us. We are responsible for systematically and deliberately destroying cultural heritage and EDUCATION. We are champions of all types of possible corruption such as moral, ethical, financial and mind. Therefore what we are transmitting in the present day class rooms is not knowledge & education. We aren't inculcating the feeling of commitment and pride for the Nation. We are only producing "Chatur Ramalingams", the famous character of the super-hit Hindi movie “Three Idiots”. This means making humans without the wisdom and feeling for nurturing the Indian Industries and society. Most of them are like "KATI PATANG KI TARAH HONA (कटी पतंग की तरह होना)" which means in a desperate state.

This is done and ensured by putting incompetent and dishonest people at the helm of the affairs. Rest follows. The quality of youth is deliberately destroyed here for making them suitable workforce for serving the Multi-Nationals only. We need to find answers to these questions:
  1. What is the reason that by and large IIT graduates aren't serving and nurturing the Industries / hard-core jobs despite going through such a gruelling coaching centre procedures to get into the IIT system? 
  2. Is anybody in a position to respond to this situation? 
  3. Why is that we are importing almost everything by burning precious foreign exchange despite having one of the largest workforce of QUALIFIED engineers in the World? 
  4. Can experts at the helm of the affairs in MHRD and controlling IITs, NITs, CFTIs and Central Universities enlighten the Nation on this issue? 
  5. Is there any justification in burning thousands of crores of poor tax payer’s money in sustaining such academic institutions? 
  6. Aren't we nurturing the Western World at the expense of the poor tax payer’s money? 
  7. Do we have a right to make our future generation as the generation of DEBTORS only?
  8. Is it not a SIN?
I request all readers to go through an article on IITs by accessing the following link:

I haven’t received any comment till date. These queries are equally applicable to all NITs, CFTIs and Central Universities.