Saturday 22 October 2016




भारतीयों को भोंकने दो, सच्चाई यही है कि वो कुछ नहीं कर सकते : चीन


We should not waste time in reacting but must accept the challenge to make redundant the manufacturing base of China by:

  1. Invoking self-esteem
  2. National pride
  3. Manufacturing friendly Government policies including incentive schemes
  4. Merciless Complete control on HIGHLY corrupt officials and erring business houses
Though so much can be written about what Chinese newspapers have mentioned about India but as a matter of fact most of it is true. Can the Government challenge / counter the derogatory statement / reaction by China? We should take the reaction of China as the blessing in disguise. It is time to reconstruct the Nation but most unfortunate are still the VIRTUAL & IMPRACTICAL policies and schemes which only result in promoting corruption.

We have failed mainly on account of following virtual education policies particularly in the field of Technical Education. Not to forget the “Vishwajeet” scheme for IITs is the latest one. IIT Council clears project Vishwajeet to raise IITs at par with the World’s best. Vishwajeet concept is excellent but the route map finalized to achieve it is like going to Kolkata when we need to go to Mumbai. It is totally out of sync with what is really needed by our Institutions. It is like sweeping the dust under the carpet. The system had been fooling the Nation and the people all these years and now the next step is like committing Hara-kiri 100% and also a 100% fool proof plan to drain the Nation of its precious foreign exchange.

Laboratories don’t make scientists but scientists do make the World Class Laboratories.

It is good that the Government has recognized & accepted the fact that we have failed to run & manage our academic institutions. Therefore there is a need to hire foreign academics to run a show for us. Is it ever possible? Will it ever happen?

Stuffing the Laboratories with imported equipment at enormous cost will never make the Laboratory World Class, instead World Class Laboratories are made by the people working in them. However, it will only result in severe drain of precious foreign exchange.

It is very sad that the basic understanding of what makes a World Class University / Institution is missing.

I sincerely pray to the Almighty to give us wisdom and also save us from self-destruction.

It seems the whole concentration of the people in the driver’s seat is corruption centric. System is so meticulously designed and nurtured that the system punishes only the person(s) exposing it. So many complaints are pending with the Government agencies and despite that the people involved in corruption are provided a 100% comfort zone by the system.

Remember we can silence China only when we understand the meaning of Self-Esteem & National pride. This definitely is the GIGANTIC task for the Government. I would like to reproduce once again my modified slogan of Make in India. It is “Make in India by Indians using the Technology Developed by Indians”.

Wednesday 19 October 2016



Now Anurag Kashyap defended Karan Johar’s statement over Pakistani actors. Read details from the following link:

Mr Karan Johar where was your love for the Nation and the citizens of this great Nation which has given you loads of wealth and popularity when you were busy serving the foreign nationals at the expense of Indians?

Do you want to say that India was falling short of acting talent and our own people were inferior to the foreign nationals in acting?

You also had guts to rebuke the National sentiments in favour of these foreign nationals.

Now the fear of financial loss is reminding you of love for the Nation. You must introspect and opportunistic people like you are cancer to the society. I am sure citizens of this great Nation will definitely dump and discard you for your sins.

These people are liability to the Nation. Thank God we know and recognize most of them now. These people are more dangerous than the enemy from across the border. India and honest Indians have suffered, are suffering and will continue to suffer if we all do not rise to the occasion. Just boycott all films, TV serials and media channels wherever these people are involved. I appeal to all honest citizens with self-esteem to teach these people a good lesson. They are shameless and worst than the leech.

Saturday 8 October 2016



It is time to carry out pest control on immediate basis similar to Surgical Strikes against the "Leeches & Termites" which are more dangerous than the enemy from across the border. These strikes must be prioritised to be ready to take on enemy from across the border. The basis of this reaction is the reaction of few well known Jewels of India. Two quotable reactions by three of such jewels of India are given below along with websites for detailed reading:

Quotable reactions
1) Reaction of Sri Kejriwal and Sri Sisodia
“Referring to a video message of Kejriwal, Sisodia told reporters in Goa that the AAP convener never uttered the word "saboot" (proof), but was asking Prime Minister Narendra Modi to fight the propaganda unleashed by the international media with Pakistan questioning the authenticity of the operations.

Sri Kejriwal ji and Sri Sisodia have very smartly asked the PM to reveal the strategy to help the enemy. It is not difficult to read between the lines. What a shame it is for the Nation to have such people.

2)  Reaction of Sri Sanjay Nirupam and his wife Smt Geeta
Storm over surgical strikes: My family is in danger, Sanjay Nirupam's wife writes to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Mumbai city Congress chief Sanjay Nirupam's wife, Geeta, has written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, stating that ever since her husband questioned the veracity of the surgical strikes across the Line of Control, she feels that her family is unsafe in India.

Nirupam has been trolled on social media for his comments on the surgical strikes; he has also received threat calls from the underworld. Geeta has also been receiving abusive and vulgar calls. Has nobody ever spoken against the government before?

Smt Geeta ji please don’t try and fool the Nation. You have every right and freedom to question the Government but you just can’t question the Nation. It is nothing but “Chori aur seena zori” meaning someone who has committed some crime, yet instead of being ashamed of it, audaciously behaves as if he/she has done the right thing.

Salman ji you have insulted your fans who have given you millions. Are artists not the citizens of any Nation? Are you more than the Nation. Is valid visa the license to insult & humiliate the host Nation? Anyway many of your Pakistani friends whom are have been supporting tooth & nail have already criticized the Uri Attack. What is your stand now? I hope the real citizens of this Nation must have taken some positive decision by now.

No honest citizen can ever think of going against the Nation solely for opposing the Government.

Saturday 1 October 2016



चीन ने बंद किया भारत का पानी, आप भी बंद करें चीनी सामान का प्रयोग करना

I sincerely appeal to all Indians with self-esteem to BOYCOTT all products imported from China, 100% come what may. It’s better to sleep empty stomach rather than living in humiliation and also digging our own graves by strengthening the country which is in illegal occupation of our vast territory.

China and Pakistan together are in illegal occupation of:
78000 Pakistan + 38000 China = 116000 sq km

5170 sq km ceded to China by Pakistan

96000 sq km of Arunachal Pradesh claimed by China

Total = 212000 sq km

Please note that 113 out of 195 countries have land territories less than 212000 sq km.

India imported goods generally third grade quality worth 60,413.17 in millions of US dollars for financial year 2014 -15.

This is equivalent to Rs.39872692.2 lakh or Rs 3987269220000.00

Aren’t you sad? Shall we continue to strengthen Chinese economy for further humiliation of the people of India?