Monday 29 March 2021





Cheating in the examination is possible mainly because of routine stereotypical question papers given to the students on most occasions. Application based question paper that ensures brainstorming must be given to the students with a freedom to bring in books / notes. Students must also be asked to sign an “Oath of Integrity” before they start writing the exam. One such example is given below:

Oath of Integrity: I agree to abide by the spirit of integrity, honesty, transparency and ethics during the examination. I shall act as an invigilator for self. I would like to assess my WILL POWER. I am fully aware that “A man without ethics is a wild beast loosed upon this world”. Faculty won't need to do any invigilation duty. No honest student with self-esteem will feel insulted. I suggest my colleagues try this soul satisfying experiment at the earliest possible.

This practice will be an END to mugging and beginning of actual learning (education) process. With the continuous evolution of the subject matter, there is always ample scope for a faculty to cover topics that aren’t given in the recommended text books. I very strongly feel that Notes / PPTs must not be shared. This will solve the problem of absenteeism to an extent. We should do away with ATTENDANCE and INVIGILATION DUTY.

NPTEL lectures and similar platforms, sharing of PPTs / Class notes etc. are like offering “Gripe water” or “Mugli Ghutti” to a grown-up person. Spoon feeding of students destroys their instinct of Book Reading / self-study.

However, the teacher will still have to do the verification of the identity of the students before allowing them into the examination hall. The teacher will have to get her / his signatures on the attendance sheet and admit card at the relevant place in her / his presence. Use of modern technology like jammers & no internet connection, video cameras and no mobile phones practice must be followed.

Let us go with the principle of “EVERYONE IS HONEST UNLESS OTHERWISE PROVED”.

Sunday 21 March 2021



No Government in the World has magic wand for providing employment. We can put infinite number of demands for providing jobs to the government but can it really provide? It is in fact one particular “Privileged” class having accountability on paper but never questioned by the government in reality & honest terms, is responsible for the mass unemployment. Unfortunately and very unscrupulously this privileged class responsible for this state of affairs has successfully succeeded in shifting the onus on the Government. Kindly remember that government can’t provide jobs but it can certainly ensure the generation of employment by making this exclusive class ACCOUNTABLE. Government is certainly responsible for fixing the accountability.

This exclusive privileged class is expert in manipulating the custodians comfortably. Do you know that the same class is also responsible for siphoning off precious foreign exchange amounting to millions of dollars on yearly basis? The real progress is shackled by this exclusive privileged class. The same amount if spent on infrastructure will make India a prosperous country. Poverty will become a matter of past.

Sunday 7 March 2021





 Is it the right time and the best opportunity for introducing the 'ONLINE ENGINEERING DEGREE' programmes in the country? The advantages could be:


1.        Tremendous resource saving in terms of funding, land, infrastructure, energy, foreign exchange.

2.        Requirement of few hundred acres of land for each institution will vanish. Thus more land can be made available for modern farming and improved civic infrastructure.

3.        There won’t be any financial pressure on the parents for sustaining their wards in Hostels.

4.        Staying at home will allow healthy and hygienic food for the students all the time.

5.        Huge expenditure and pressure in hiring faculty will be eliminated.

6.        Examination could be ‘Online or OMR sheet’ based.

7.        Single University (National University) alone can manage all online admissions and testing process.

8.        Students can register for ‘mooc courses offered by nptel’.

9.        Anybody interested irrespective of age with minimum eligibility should be able to register for the particular course. This will do away with all entrance tests.

10.     Students thus will be able to register for a degree of choice since there can’t be any limit on the number of seats available in a particular programme.

11.     All the students will hence be covering exactly the same curriculum and examination. This will also help in providing honest National grading of students (Absolute Ranking).

12.     Pressure of opening more institutions and creating infrastructure won’t be there.

13.     There won’t be any peer pressure on the tender minds. This will be saving students from getting in to mental depression and frustrations.

14.     Funds saved could be utilized for creating better civic amenities and ‘Affirmative Action’ for the society.

15.     The greatest advantage could be the Vaporization of Coaching Institutes, thus saving young minds from the tremendous mental pressure which at times leads to committing suicide.

16.     Education won’t be a business anymore.

NOTE: The impact on the nation would be that it will continue to be a nation of followers

The Blog was first published on May 1st, 2019. The idea for writing blog that time came from the prevalent lack of commitment for teaching and learning methodology that has become the trend in almost all teaching institutions in the country.

Strangely and accidentally the idea is a reality today due to CORONA pandemic. Most institutions are following “Online” education and are awarding degrees without completing the basic need of realistic teaching. Since Universities / Institutes have already started distributing online degrees, the CONCEPT expressed in the blog could be made a PERMANENT reality?

Concerned students and parents may react either way but must react for the sake of their FUTURE.