Sunday 2 July 2017


MAY GOD SAVE THE TECHNICAL EDUCATION? Image result for aicte and corruption

I have been wondering all these years, after observing the continuous downslide of the quality and content of the ‘Technical Education’ in the country despite the best intentions and investment by the Government of India. I have now understood and is convinced that some of the Officials and Policy makers for Technical Education who were entrusted the job by the Government are in fact responsible for the downslide, deep rooted corruption and destruction of career of lakhs (Millions) of youth in the country. 

Nepotism and Plutocracy adopted by some of these unscrupulous officials (not all) are responsible for this Decay & Rot. Nepotism & Plutocracy has helped some of the officials who have managed their Ph. D. degrees by Plagiarizing almost 100% as per the ‘Turnitin’ report. However the same cheats and unscrupulous officials don’t shy away from acting as the God Fathers of Technical Education and Academic Ethics. The integrity of such officials related to academic & financial matters thus is also under cloud. Such corrupt officials visit various Universities and Institutions as chief guests or invited speakers to deliver lectures on innovative research and teaching to the faculty & students. Such officials are also making and planning policies for Technical Education. How sad and unfortunate it is for the Nation?

Anyway there is no point in losing heart. There is a sure way of salvaging the situation though the task is gigantic. Here is a first and immediate step that must be taken without any prejudice. All officers must be asked to generate the originality report for their PhD theses and publications which were listed along with their CVs at the time of applying for responsible positions. They can be asked to use ‘Turnitin’ software for generating the strictly time bound and self attested ‘Originality Reports’. Self attestation of reports which indicate Plagiarism will be like signing their own death warrants.

Following action, in the interest of Technical Education and the affected faculty & students may kindly be taken after the case of plagiarism has been established:

  1. The names of the officers who have plagiarised the research must be made public.
  2. Their services with the parent organization must also be terminated by forfeiting all financial & service benefits, come what may.
  3. Necessary action as deemed fit must be taken for plagiarizing the thesis and research publications.
  4. Necessary action as deemed fit must also be taken against the erring Officials for hiring unscrupulous people in the organization.

The names of the unscrupulous officials are known and could have been revealed but let the organization do the job herself. Onus is on the heads of the organizations to flush clean the system they are heading. It is very important to regain the lost confidence of the faculty and students across the country.