Thursday 22 December 2016




Election Commission seeks ban on anonymous contributions to political parties above Rs 2000. 


 This is an excellent move by the Election Commission of India. This must be implemented. Political parties can't be allowed to enjoy immunity against holding / stashing black money. Else the very basic purpose of demonetization will fail for sure. Citizens must come forward to boycott all such political parties who aren't transparent. 

Why should Political Parties be allowed to accept anonymous donations? Where will political Parties get anonymous donations from where every penny is accounted for after demonetization? What is there objection? This rule is legalizing the black money. It is a greatest contributor of black money in the country. How come this rule has come into force? Who all are responsible for introducing this rule?

All efforts for curbing black money will prove to be futile unless this rule is abolished. All political parties will have to come forward in declaring sources of donation. Use of black money has allowed unscrupulous & corrupt politicians to practice the politics of “Vote Bank”. Use of black money has given us caste divide, religious divide, linguistic divide, regional divide and hatred for each other. This is the greatest gift of Indian Democracy to this Nation. This kind of democracy has become a big burden on the masses.

However, we the people of India are the problem and wholly & solely responsible for this state of affairs. We are the masses who don't use the wisdom given by the God. We are the immature masses who get divided on these lines. We are the masses who believe in corruption and Nepotism ("Bhai Bhatija Baad"). Remember only when we are committed to the Nation and Society, such unscrupulous politicians won't succeed. Our Election Commission is also the silent spectator. We have to prove that we are honestly human and not creatures looking like humans. Right now we are insulting the humanity.

We must discard any or all politicians who announce “Freebies” or talk of “Appeasement” of particular communities during election campaigning. Take it from me; such politicians can never be honest and committed for the system. Such politicians are always committed to themselves. Education background alone won’t help us in deciding the right candidate. Educated politician announcing the Freebies during election will always prove to be more dangerous than the uneducated politician. 

We must only accept politicians with the Nation centric agenda. The Election Commission of India has a very big role to play here. We may consider Dubai Model for our country too.

Sunday 18 December 2016





Corruption has corrupted the genes of most Indians. Treatment seems impossible. Saviour has become destroyer.

They are ensuring “ANDHER NAGARI CHAUPAT RAJA, TAKE SER BHAJI, TAKE SER KHAJA, (अंधेर नगरी चौपट राजा, टके सेर भाजी, टके सेर खाजा, Knaves alone reign in the kingdom of fools)” for their next generation. Will they be happy seeing the highly uncertain future of their next generation? Corrupt people must atleast think about the future of their next generation.

Most of our officials get enough to lead a decent life with honour but the desperation for amassing wealth has changed human behaviour to inhuman behaviour. Corrupt do look like humans but they aren’t. The illegally generated wealth has intoxicated these people to a level where their acts have started failing the Nation. Self-esteem and National pride has no meaning for them.

The current harassment and suffering of the masses due to the shortage of new currency is the direct result of very strong collusion between the corrupt officials and the black marketers. This collusion is siphoning off money before it is distributed to the public. People are dying and these heartless people rather soulless are busy converting black in to white. 

What to do? Is there any positive solution? Surgical treatment of these soulless people seems to be the only solution. 

Saturday 26 November 2016




My viewpoint on the subject is well known but the drive has to come from the students since most teachers have started treating teaching / education as a job / means of livelihood and the best means of making money rather than a mission of educating the youth / Nation building. Things are going from bad to worse because the youth has failed / failing to take it seriously. They are just turning out to be merely degree holders but not the educated degree holders. Mind it you all are paying to get educated so it is your right to ask teachers to educate you. Put full stop to MUGGING OR TAKING CLASS NOTES BLINDLY. 

The present day assessment procedures are very stereotyped and have become predictive in nature. Most students are able to make a correct guess of the type of questions those are going to follow. This has killed the enthusiasm for learning amongst the students and they have started taking classroom teaching lying down. The Nation is getting hardest hit. 

Without any prejudice, it is time to revisit the quality of education policy but by the ACCEPTED honest, dedicated educationists and ONLY original & innovative researchers. The present day methodology has failed the education system in the country. Education system is in the claws of pseudo educationists & policy makers. No proof required, result is in front of everyone. Please note pseudo educationists means that the people may be excellent / brilliant in specializations but other than hard-core education.

Students must gather courage and start asking "How & Why" wherever one fails to understand the lecture in the classroom. Education will follow automatically. Class rooms must be made interactive, assessment procedure must be made dynamic & application based. Students must wait to see the answer sheets before going home. Things will definitely improve then. It is clear the present system is not able to cope up but remember youth can achieve whatever they want to. My best wishes with you all. Let us all rise to the occasion and become a positive citizen of this vibrant and dynamic country.

Tuesday 8 November 2016




It is mandatory to carry “Pollution Under Control” certificate all the time. How come then a vehicle (Petrol) is declared “Polluting” the day it attains the age of 15 years despite having valid “Pollution Under Prescribed Limits” certificate?

Only NGT can enlighten on this issue. However this decision of NGT has full support of automobiles manufacturers or some of them might have even tried educating the NGT on the ways of controlling pollution. How can NGT order a vehicle to be off-road despite having valid “Pollution Under Control” certificate? The concern of NGT is environment and implementation of laws to protect it through only logical and scientific means.

Phasing out 15 years old petrol vehicles despite having “Pollution Under Control” certificate will be an enormous financial burden on a common men particularly those who are using the vehicles very sparingly, disposal & waste management challenge for the country, wastage of non-renewable resource, out flow of enormous foreign exchange etc.

I humbly request the NGT to reconsider this decision in the interest of the Nation in a more logical way. This will not help in protecting the environment but instead will be a boon to the automobile manufacturers at the expense of the environment itself for which the whole exercise has been carried out. Increased production means more industrial pollution including increased production of greenhouse gases, waste disposal challenge to the country and energy consumption.

I strongly suggest making the “Pollution Under Control” certificate conditions more stringent and a very strict action against any official allowing such polluting vehicles on roads by accepting bribe or for any other consideration.

Monday 7 November 2016




One can’t go without complimenting and congratulating the NGT, The honourable SCI and the Government of Delhi for coming out with a Nobel Prize Winning Formula for converting polluting Vehicles into Non-Polluting Vehicles by charging “Environment Compensation Charge (ECC) or green tax”.

I am not able to understand the Green Tax plan to improve the capital's notoriously filthy air. How will the air get cleaned by paying tax? In any case this tax will be an additional burden on the pockets of the citizens of Delhi. No transporter is going to pay it from his pocket. This will be like rubbing salt to the wound which is already there in the form of the dangerously filthy air and now on top of that additional financial burden.

This only proves that the people in the Driver’s seat only believe in “By the money, of the money and for the money”. What wisdom? Environment Compensation Charge (ECC) or green tax will protect and safeguard the Environment. The polluting vehicle above will become environment friendly after paying "Green Tax".

However, the fact is in front of all of us. Schools are closed, people with mask on the face and walking on the roads are looking like aliens. Have we gone bankrupt?
Wednesday, 21 October 2015 | Staff Reporter | New Delhi

From November 1, diesel-guzzling trucks and commercial vehicles entering Delhi will have to pay Environment Compensation Charge (ECC) or green tax. Passenger vehicles, ambulances, vehicles carrying an essential commodity that is food stuffs and oil tankers have been exempted from environment tax. The Delhi Government is in the process of issuing notification, making it effective from the next month.
The Supreme Court on Wednesday doubled the environment compensation charge (ECC) for loaded commercial vehicles entering Delhi and imposed a blanket ban on registration of diesel vehicles of 2,000 cc and above in the National Capital Region (NCR).

Thursday 3 November 2016




Some of the comments from the public are reproduced for quick reference by the Honorable CJI and other judicial officers and the GOI. Onus lies on the Honorable CJI to clarify for restoring faith of the public in Judiciary. The two instances referred by Justice Hegde must be explained to the public. We are a demoralized lot today. 

Just to mention that these are just the two high profile cases reported but there are number of such instances where corruption and conspiracies have been protected / shielded in a shameless manner.

Comments / reaction of the public:
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Saturday 22 October 2016




भारतीयों को भोंकने दो, सच्चाई यही है कि वो कुछ नहीं कर सकते : चीन


We should not waste time in reacting but must accept the challenge to make redundant the manufacturing base of China by:

  1. Invoking self-esteem
  2. National pride
  3. Manufacturing friendly Government policies including incentive schemes
  4. Merciless Complete control on HIGHLY corrupt officials and erring business houses
Though so much can be written about what Chinese newspapers have mentioned about India but as a matter of fact most of it is true. Can the Government challenge / counter the derogatory statement / reaction by China? We should take the reaction of China as the blessing in disguise. It is time to reconstruct the Nation but most unfortunate are still the VIRTUAL & IMPRACTICAL policies and schemes which only result in promoting corruption.

We have failed mainly on account of following virtual education policies particularly in the field of Technical Education. Not to forget the “Vishwajeet” scheme for IITs is the latest one. IIT Council clears project Vishwajeet to raise IITs at par with the World’s best. Vishwajeet concept is excellent but the route map finalized to achieve it is like going to Kolkata when we need to go to Mumbai. It is totally out of sync with what is really needed by our Institutions. It is like sweeping the dust under the carpet. The system had been fooling the Nation and the people all these years and now the next step is like committing Hara-kiri 100% and also a 100% fool proof plan to drain the Nation of its precious foreign exchange.

Laboratories don’t make scientists but scientists do make the World Class Laboratories.

It is good that the Government has recognized & accepted the fact that we have failed to run & manage our academic institutions. Therefore there is a need to hire foreign academics to run a show for us. Is it ever possible? Will it ever happen?

Stuffing the Laboratories with imported equipment at enormous cost will never make the Laboratory World Class, instead World Class Laboratories are made by the people working in them. However, it will only result in severe drain of precious foreign exchange.

It is very sad that the basic understanding of what makes a World Class University / Institution is missing.

I sincerely pray to the Almighty to give us wisdom and also save us from self-destruction.

It seems the whole concentration of the people in the driver’s seat is corruption centric. System is so meticulously designed and nurtured that the system punishes only the person(s) exposing it. So many complaints are pending with the Government agencies and despite that the people involved in corruption are provided a 100% comfort zone by the system.

Remember we can silence China only when we understand the meaning of Self-Esteem & National pride. This definitely is the GIGANTIC task for the Government. I would like to reproduce once again my modified slogan of Make in India. It is “Make in India by Indians using the Technology Developed by Indians”.

Thursday 20 October 2016



Now Anurag Kashyap defended Karan Johar’s statement over Pakistani actors. Read details from the following link:

Mr Karan Johar where was your love for the Nation and the citizens of this great Nation which has given you loads of wealth and popularity when you were busy serving the foreign nationals at the expense of Indians?

Do you want to say that India was falling short of acting talent and our own people were inferior to the foreign nationals in acting?

You also had guts to rebuke the National sentiments in favour of these foreign nationals.

Now the fear of financial loss is reminding you of love for the Nation. You must introspect and opportunistic people like you are cancer to the society. I am sure citizens of this great Nation will definitely dump and discard you for your sins.

These people are liability to the Nation. Thank God we know and recognize most of them now. These people are more dangerous than the enemy from across the border. India and honest Indians have suffered, are suffering and will continue to suffer if we all do not rise to the occasion. Just boycott all films, TV serials and media channels wherever these people are involved. I appeal to all honest citizens with self-esteem to teach these people a good lesson. They are shameless and worst than the leech.

Sunday 9 October 2016



It is time to carry out pest control on immediate basis similar to Surgical Strikes against the "Leeches & Termites" which are more dangerous than the enemy from across the border. These strikes must be prioritised to be ready to take on enemy from across the border. The basis of this reaction is the reaction of few well known Jewels of India. Two quotable reactions by three of such jewels of India are given below along with websites for detailed reading:

Quotable reactions
1) Reaction of Sri Kejriwal and Sri Sisodia
“Referring to a video message of Kejriwal, Sisodia told reporters in Goa that the AAP convener never uttered the word "saboot" (proof), but was asking Prime Minister Narendra Modi to fight the propaganda unleashed by the international media with Pakistan questioning the authenticity of the operations.

Sri Kejriwal ji and Sri Sisodia have very smartly asked the PM to reveal the strategy to help the enemy. It is not difficult to read between the lines. What a shame it is for the Nation to have such people.

2)  Reaction of Sri Sanjay Nirupam and his wife Smt Geeta
Storm over surgical strikes: My family is in danger, Sanjay Nirupam's wife writes to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Mumbai city Congress chief Sanjay Nirupam's wife, Geeta, has written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, stating that ever since her husband questioned the veracity of the surgical strikes across the Line of Control, she feels that her family is unsafe in India.

Nirupam has been trolled on social media for his comments on the surgical strikes; he has also received threat calls from the underworld. Geeta has also been receiving abusive and vulgar calls. Has nobody ever spoken against the government before?

Smt Geeta ji please don’t try and fool the Nation. You have every right and freedom to question the Government but you just can’t question the Nation. It is nothing but “Chori aur seena zori” meaning someone who has committed some crime, yet instead of being ashamed of it, audaciously behaves as if he/she has done the right thing.

Salman ji you have insulted your fans who have given you millions. Are artists not the citizens of any Nation? Are you more than the Nation. Is valid visa the license to insult & humiliate the host Nation? Anyway many of your Pakistani friends whom are have been supporting tooth & nail have already criticized the Uri Attack. What is your stand now? I hope the real citizens of this Nation must have taken some positive decision by now.

No honest citizen can ever think of going against the Nation solely for opposing the Government.

Sunday 2 October 2016



चीन ने बंद किया भारत का पानी, आप भी बंद करें चीनी सामान का प्रयोग करना

I sincerely appeal to all Indians with self-esteem to BOYCOTT all products imported from China, 100% come what may. It’s better to sleep empty stomach rather than living in humiliation and also digging our own graves by strengthening the country which is in illegal occupation of our vast territory.

China and Pakistan together are in illegal occupation of:
78000 Pakistan + 38000 China = 116000 sq km

5170 sq km ceded to China by Pakistan

96000 sq km of Arunachal Pradesh claimed by China

Total = 212000 sq km

Please note that 113 out of 195 countries have land territories less than 212000 sq km.

India imported goods generally third grade quality worth 60,413.17 in millions of US dollars for financial year 2014 -15.

This is equivalent to Rs.39872692.2 lakh or Rs 3987269220000.00

Aren’t you sad? Shall we continue to strengthen Chinese economy for further humiliation of the people of India?

Sunday 18 September 2016




It is time to repay Pakistan with an advance interest at the highest rate possible. How long India would like to wait? Four Pakistanis to seventeen Indian Jawans dead and more than twenty injured, what a one sided ratio? Our Jawans are getting killed in our own country and at our expense. 

Most training camps are being run from POK and India has a right to bombard anywhere in POK because its the Indian territory. India will have to learn / behave like Israel else surrender to Pakistan. There should not a direct full fledged war instead start destroying training camps and terrorists in a proactive manner.

Now it is time for "Destroy or get destroyed" but no more National humiliation. Give free hand to the Indian Armed Forces.

Time also to arrest all those people irrespective of their position and reputation who hone their political agenda or pseudo-secularism at the expense of the Nation and National pride. Who have no consideration for the Jawans. Who try to settle political rivalry by making the Nation the scapegoat. Come what may, Nation is first. Don't spare anybody.

Wednesday 14 September 2016




Result of well-developed and well established government agencies which are manned by well qualified engineers and administrators at the expense of the poor tax payer. Responsible people must be feeling proud of their quality delivery and exorbitant project costs. Concerned minister must fix the responsibility and the whole cost of the project must be recovered from the erring officials.

Encouragement for messing up the projects comes from the nexus of concerned politicians and officials. No one is accountable. Accountability is never fixed. Project costs are never assessed on the quality & value for money principles in reality. Real positive change will come only when the British Raj legacy of administration is done away with immediately. We have been failed by the present administrative system in real sense except some exceptions which are / will always be there. The present set-up is neither delivering nor allows committed officials to deliver.

It is high time; we need to develop a new administrative system which ensures 100% quality, performance, professionalism, accountability, commitment, responsiveness, approachability, sensitivity, transparency and zero tolerance for corruption.

Sincerely requests the present Government to get the analysis done by the professionals who are known for the above traits and have impeccable integrity. 

India has already missed he bus and will continue to miss with the continuance of the present administrative systemThe sooner the better it is.

Thursday 1 September 2016



All engineers and administrators responsible for the deluge of Delhi on 31/08/2016 must be removed immediately. The whole system is collapsing just because we don’t fix accountability though it exists on paper. Fast track inquiry must be ordered for fixing responsibility under various provisions of lack of devotion to the duty, dereliction of duty, lack of integrity etc.

This deluge of Delhi has caused enormous loss of resources, has increased the risk of water borne diseases and lot of damage to the ecology.

Very poor quality of infrastructure is definitely the result of some nexus among these concerned people or we the so called degree holding engineers and administrators are falling short of required knowledge and wisdom. If the second possibility is true then it is impossible for us to manage & run the country. Just outsource each and every thing to foreign companies.

Time has come to start taking actions as per defined procedures. It is time to introspect. Are we ready to run the show?

Tuesday 30 August 2016



URL for the complete story of Eklavya:

Indian Coaches (Sports) are given "Dronacharya" awards for training the best athletes / players. Kindly read the story of Eklavya and I am sure everyone of us would be able to correlate that most of our present day Coaches are like "Dronacharya" only. That is why they happily and gracefully accept these awards. Dronacharya wasn't the honest guru and to the extent that without even training Eklavya he asked for this right hand thumb as a "Guru Dakshina". Present day Dronacharyas are also doing the same. I am sure all honest and committed Coaches hence onward will think twice before accepting the Dronacharya award. from the Government. Government must rename this award. This is an insult to the honest & committed Coaches and recognition of unscrupulous Coaches.
Sports are no exception, it is happening in every field in India.

Thursday 25 August 2016

The Real history of Kashmir crisis -The Whole Truth Revealed- Full Docum...

Saturday 23 July 2016



The country has seen a British Raj for more than 200 years. They exploited us for their personal gains and with the intention of looting the wealth. They could loot the country with ease and at their sweet will just because we as Indians never behaved as Indians and remained divided. They looted because they were not emotionally attached to the Nation. With the rough estimates as on date, Britishers took away wealth worth approximately Rs.534945079499999936.00. One is free to take time in reading the number.

The Government after independence retained all the characteristics of the British Raj. Entire government machinery during the Raj was trained to serve the British interests only. It never had any respect for the needs of the Indian people. Bureaucracy was trained and organized to serve the government only and hence was enjoying all princely privileges. The trend continues. Indian Politicians and Bureaucracy have retained all those characteristics but without any Control and accountability.

Total immunity to politicians and powerful Government officials for indulging in corruption is also a greatest motivating factor. As a matter of fact entire energy of many a persons at senior level is spent in devising policies & procedures to take corruption to a higher level. Policies made by unscrupulous Government officials are endorsed by our highly deserving, learned, educated, intelligent and professionally qualified (Expertise & subject knowledge required to manage the particular ministry) ministers.

Without any prejudice, things won't change until we have professionally qualified officials with impeccable integrity to man the various Ministries and positions. Virtual & unrealistic policies are made in the absence of professional competence to justify their positions. These policies only breed corruption; rather become blessings for the unscrupulous officials down the line. These incompetent & unscrupulous officials rather protect corruption with full vigour & manipulations whenever it is brought to their notice. Entire government machinery gears up to harass & humiliate anybody who wants to be DUTIFUL. Entire administrative system needs major overhauling if at all we want to become a developed Nation.

These leaders have also ensured complete destruction of education by creating two GIANTS (UGC & AICTE) at the expense of the our money only and have succeeded successfully to project literacy as education. This is what the Lord Macaulay wanted. It is well known that uneducated masses can't read the minds of the unscrupulous & crooked politicians and senior government officials.

Corruption has become a characteristic of most Indians after independence. The most justifying reason of widespread corruption in India is UNREALISTIC salary structure, buying power of rupee, huge disparity of wealth between have and have not, absence of merit based appointments, sycophancy, red-tapism etc.

It is really a matter of shame for the Indian population that they are still voting on the basis of religion, caste, region and language. What kind of hypnotism is this? Why are own people following a path of self-destruction. It is like committing “Hara-kiri”. The basis of religion, caste, region and language is keeping us divided.

We the immature people have allowed the nexus of these unscrupulous politicians and senior government officials to suck our blood like a leech. Leech sucks without giving pain to the victim. Our own people are looting us.

Country is in the grip of Cobweb which is stronger than the cobweb of "Darwin's Bark Spider" since independence and nobody ever got a time to think as what is going on and how much has gone till date. Wait until we are able to break this Cobweb.

We all suffered in the past and are still suffering. Why are we continuing to suffer? Our Election Commission is the silent spectator or this has their approval. Has our Election Commission really served the democracy honestly? I may be wrong?

Our systems are managed by these unscrupulous officials in connivance with similar type of politicians. Things are not going to change. There is no hope. We have a PM with a commitment for the Nation and he has a will to transform India but the nexus / cobweb of these unscrupulous government officials is so strong that some GIGANTIC effort from the Prime Minister will only make him succeed.

It is very difficult to fight as an individual. At the same time, the absence of motivation of the majority to fight or react ensures that the leftover unregulated system of British Raj continues and the corruption continues to thrive. Individual commitment of citizens to eliminate corruption will only become a much awaited movement to put India on the highway of progress and prosperity. Are we honestly ready? 

Tuesday 19 July 2016



This gigantic effort by our scientists will sustain only when our Politicians and we make policies which are Nation centric and not the people centric. Please remember Nation centric policies can take care of the people but people centric policies will never take care of the Nation.

Unfortunately country has suffered and will continue to suffer as long as we have People centric policies only. Nation centric policies will automatically eliminate any kind / type of discrimination for ever.

The reason for the success of people centric policies is the background and narrow vision of the unscrupulous & crooked Politicians who are expert in exploiting the highly immature and greedy citizens. Majority of the Politicians irrespective of their party affiliations are unanimous on this issue.

These people have very meticulously & systematically destroyed education in the country such that the common man is not able to analyse the crookedness, anti-social & anti-national policies.

An appeal to the dear citizens, Wake-up. जब जागो जभी सवेरा (Jab Jago Jabhi Savera). It is never too late to learn at least for your next generation to live in peace & prosperity which only these people are enjoying today at your expense / cost.

Monday 18 July 2016



This is bribery (corruption) legalized by the perfect silence and no action policy of the Election Commission of India.

Freebies like Mixer-Grinders, TVs, Cycles, Laptops, Sarees, Kitchen utensils, Free electricity and water etc etc (list is endless) has been legally permitted by the Election Commission of India for buying votes during elections to destroy the basic fabric and fundamental of Democracy. The basic fundamental of real democracy “by the people, of the people, for the people” has become “by the corrupt, of the corrupt, for the corrupt”. When bribery (giving & taking) and any kind of undue favour is a heinous crime then why is distributing freebies and cash has been officially allowed? It is a very sorry state of affairs. Giving freebies is a simple mathematics. No one pays from his/her pocket then where does this money for distributing freebies comes from? It is simple, it comes from the pocket of helpless and immature citizens only. It is a distribution weighted in favour of oneself (that is unscrupulous & crooked Politicians only).

It is really strange that most politicians become billionaires without having done any business / service. How come Income Tax Department and Enforcement Directorate are not able to note this? May be all politicians have BLANKET immunity?

I am dead against these corrupt practices and feel sorry for the greedy voters who don’t have any self-esteem. I request all conscious people to react strongly and appeal to the Election Commission to debar all parties which try to buy votes for exploiting National Resources later for personal gains.

No country having legalized corrupt practices can ever develop. County will always be a follower Nation.

Thursday 7 July 2016


Monday 4 July 2016




Samajwadi Party (SP) fully understands that the Hindu vote is divided  mainly amongst Bahujan Samaj Party, Congress and BJP. That is why they are very scrupulously trying to build a strong vote bank of entire Muslim population and some immature Hindu population who would still vote for Samajwadi Party on the basis of caste. By the way have Muslims really progressed during he SP rule? 

It is really a matter of shame for the Indian population that they are still voting on the basis of religion, caste, region and language. SP has guts to announce benefits only to the girls belonging to the Muslims as if needs of the girls from other religious groups is different? Despite all this discrimination, the caste based Hindus will still vote for SP. What kind of hypnotism is this? 

These leaders have ensured complete destruction of education and have succeeded successfully to project literacy as education. It is well known that uneducated masses can't read the minds of the unscrupulous & crooked politicians.

Country will progress only when elections are contested on National and social issues irrespective of religion, caste, region and language. I appeal to all communities which are treated as vote banks by the unscrupulous & crooked politicians to boycott all of them. Remember temporary gains always prove to be disastrous in the long run. 

Please don't follow any political party / leader whosoever tries to divide the society. Just remember the British Raj of more than 200 years. They exploited us just because we as Indians never behaved as Indians and remained divided. Britishers exploited our weakness to the fullest extent and looted the country like anything. With the rough estimates Britishers took away wealth worth approximately Rs.534945079499999936.00. One is free to take time in reading the number. 

Similarly we immature people have allowed SP to carry on with the loot. They are happily enjoying and laughing at out foolishness. They are the ones who spend hundreds of crores for celebrating the birthdays only.

We all suffered in the past and are still suffering. Why do you want to continue to suffer even today?  Our Election Commission is the silent spectator or this has their approval. Has our Election Commission really served the democracy honestly? I may be wrong?

Sunday 26 June 2016




As a result of Chinese opposition to India's entry in to Nuclear Supplier Group (NSG), boycotting Chinese products will be possible only if we are able to produce similar products in India. We have failed and that is why China is exploiting us. Our failure is the reason for starting 'Make in India' by foreigners. It is still the time to prove to China and all other nations that Indians are no less.

No point in targeting any individual for not able to develop infrastructure, education and industrial base to be able to NEUTRALISE the Chinese challenge. We all are responsible and prices in India are high because they also include hidden corruption charges which contribute to generation of black money. 

All our successive governments have failed to address the Chinese challenge. We have laws which can be defied very comfortably through bribes / official intervention / blessings.

Without any prejudice, things won't change until we have professionally qualified officials with impeccable integrity to man the various Ministries. Virtual & unrealistic policies are made in the absence of professional competence to justify their positions. These policies only breed corruption; rather become blessings for the unscrupulous officials down the line. These incompetent & unscrupulous officials rather protect corruption with full vigour & manipulations whenever it is brought to their notice. Entire government machinery gears up to harass & humiliate anybody who wants to be DUTIFUL. Entire administrative system needs major overhauling if at all we want to match Chinese competition and challenge.

Outsourcing everything and allowing 100% FDI even in defence is the result of complete failure on account of such virtual policies formulated by incompetent & unscrupulous Government Officials. The Nation has failed to even manage the Primary Education despite having well established ‘Gurukul’ system.

Are we honestly ready? Are we determined? Do we have guts to address this major hurdle in the development & progress of the nation?

Wednesday 22 June 2016




Any Nation that can’t manage and take care of education independently can never become a World Power. Asking foreigners to plan & design academic curriculum for us will only make us a FOLLOWER Nation. This is self-certifying and endorsing internationally our failure in managing education including Primary Education by the Government.

There is no dearth of talent in the country but it has been side-lined / marginalised by the undeserving & uneducated politicians (not all) managing the area which doesn't belong to them. This is done with the help of similar type of officials & educationalists who have made entry through backdoor (One can easily read between the lines). Therefore main agenda reduces to adopting all ways & means for personal gains only. Education continues to remain on the back-burner. Outsourcing education & its planning to foreigners is a greatest shame to the Nation.

Sunday 19 June 2016




Below is the link for the published article on the subject:

The published article:
दालों के अंतराष्ट्रीय सिंडिकेट पर बड़ा खुलासा, 50 रूपए की अरहर कैसे बिकी 175 में

अरहर की आसमान छूती कीमतों पर अरबों रूपए का खेल हो गया. गुजरात के कुछ बड़े सिंडिकेट ने अफ़्रीकी देशों से 40 - 50 रूपए किलो की अरहर देश में 170 -175 में बेचकर रातों रात चार गुना मुनाफा कमाया है. इन सिंडिकेटों के तार नामी गिरामी नेताओं से जुड़े हैं जिसके चलते जांच एजेंसियां इनपर हाथ नही रख पा रही हैं.

सूत्रों के मुताबिक केन्या और तंज़ानिया में सक्रीय कई अप्रवासी भारतीय व्यापारियों ने मोजांबिक और मलावी जैसे गरीब देशों से बड़े पैमाने पर अरहर की दाल पिछले कुछ महीनों में भारत निर्यात की है. ये व्यापारी अफ्रीका देशों की सरकारों के साथ मिल कर अरबों रूपए की कमाई कर रहे हैं. छोटे छोटे देश निर्यात के लिए हर तरह की कानूनी छूट भी दे रहे हैं.

मोजांबिक और मलावी अफ्रीका के वो देश हैं जहाँ निर्यात के लिए अरहर और अन्य दालों का उत्पादन किया जा रहा है. इंडिया संवाद ने आज फ़ोन 00258 262 139 44 पर मोजांबिक में एक भारतीय निर्यात कम्पनी से दालों के रेट के बारे में बात की. फ़ोन पर कम्पनी के एजेंट ने बताया की भारी मात्र में 'पिजन पी' यानी अरहर की दाल उनके पास स्टॉक में है और उनसे इम्पोर्ट करने के लिए उनके दुबई स्थित दफ्तर में हम आर्डर दे सकते हैं. एजेंट ने ये भी बताया की पिछले कुछ दिनों में मोजांबिक से दाल भारत निर्यात की गयी है. एजेंट ने कहा की उनकी कम्पनी etgworld का एक दफ्तर मुंबई में भी है और बाकी ट्रेडिंग की जानकारी वहां से ली जा सकती है.

सूत्रों के मुताबिक etgworld के ग्रुप सीओ जयेश पटेल दालों का आयात निर्यात भी देखते हैं. हालांकि इंडिया संवाद के पास जयेश पटेल के मुनाफा कमाने का कोई हिसाब किताब या दस्तावेज़ नही है पर जानकारी के मुताबिक उनकी कम्पनी अफ्रीका की बड़ी एग्रो एक्सपोर्ट ग्रुप में एक है और भारत में उनका बड़ा नेटवर्क है. बिना साक्ष्य हम जयेश पटेल की etgworld को इस पूरे स्कैंडल में कसूरवार नही ठहरा सकते क्यूंकि गुजरात के कई और एग्रो बेस्ड ग्रुप अफ्रीका से दालों का इम्पोर्ट कर रहे हैं.

बहरहाल ऐसी जानकारी मिल रही है कि मोजांबिक में अभी भी अरहर 50 रूपए किलो से कम है और निर्यात करने पर दाल का दाम 55 रूपए से ज्यादा नही होने चाहये. सवाल ये है कि इतनी सस्ती दाल आखिर भारत में आयात करके इतनी महंगी क्यों बेची जा रही है. उधर गुजरात से मिली जानकारी के मुताबिक अडानी के मुंद्रा बंदरगाह पर पिछले कुछ महीनो में विदेश से काफी सारे एग्रो प्रोडक्ट जिसमे दालें भी शामिल है आयात की गई है. ऐसा कहा जा रहा है की गुजरात के एक बड़े सिंडिकेट ने दाल का बड़ा कन्साइनमेंट भूमिगत कर रखा है और जब दाल का दाम 150 के ऊपर पहुंचा तो कन्साइनमेंट को बाजार में उतारा गया. एक तरह से ये सीधे सीधे चोरबाजारी है. लेकिन सिंडिकेट के सत्ता से तार जुड़े होने के कारण पुलिस इस सिंडिकेट को बेनकाब नही कर पा रही है.


Common man is not affected by the Security Council (SC) Membership or India becoming a member of Nuclear Supplier Group (NSG) but is seriously affected and pained by the uncontrolled inflation. Once, the price of Onions damaged the prospects of Government formation despite "India Shining". Now the group of same crooked & unscrupulous people have managed to hijack the prices of not one but almost all kitchen items.

Government must be proactive in taking immediate actions for the relief of the masses. This has already become a contentious issue.
  1. Is the Government helpless? 
  2. Why can’t Government procure directly from these countries? 
  3. Why is Government allowing these syndicates to suck blood of the masses? 
Who are these influential people mentioned in the above published article, our agencies are not able to TOUCH? Restoring credibility is more important than protecting these people. GOI to decide.

I would request the GOI to address the issue on “Top most priority” and educate masses by:
  1. Bringing white paper on the issue. We would like to know the facts.
  2. Give all involved in abusing the humanity the exemplary punishment such that no one dares committing the same heinous crime against humanity even in dreams.
  3. All firms involved may be de-registered forever and a case of SEDITION may be registered against them.
I also request GOI to release these stocks immediately in markets and ensure that prices fall back to normal level for providing relief to the masses.

Government must show immediate resolve to do damage control ELSE everyone knows that history repeats.

Readers may also go through an earlier blog published on 31/10/2015, IS THIS THE REASON FOR SPIRALLING OF PRICES OF PULSES & LENTILS?

Wednesday 15 June 2016



The Election Commission of India must BAN all Political Parties propagating APPEASEMENT POLICIES for electioneering. Come what may? All manifestos of the Political Parties must be scrutinised by it the way we have Film Censor Board of India.

Enough is enough. Time has come to save the Nation. The only agenda of majority of the political parties is to LOOT the Nation but by fooling and exploiting the sentiments of the masses in the name of religion, caste and regionalism.

The masses were immature (mentally not physically) during the British Raj and are still immature. The logic of using this word is the polarisation of the society. If the crooked & unscrupulous leaders are still succeeding (in 2016) in polarising the masses in the name of religion, caste and regionalism then only inference is the masses are still immature.

Any immature society can’t safeguard & enjoy the fruits of DEMOCRACY. What monkey to cast pearls before? (Bandar kya jaane adrak ka swad)?

Democracy means “By the people, of the people and for the people”. This means only a political party which gets 50% of the votes polled / 
atleast win 50% seats should form the government.

However, the Election Commission on the contrary allows every possible manipulation which promotes horse trading, corruption etc. etc.

Following table describes the state of the Indian Parliamentary Democracy. Only top two political parties have been sampled for ease of understanding.


% votes
% votes
% votes

It is in the last election that the ruling party won more than 50% seats and has formed the government but with only 31.0% votes.

FLAWED election system forces parties to try every possible permutation of forming Govt. and this defeats definition of true democracy.

Election commission must put ban on POST POLL COALITIONS. Pre-Poll Coalition must be taken as same philosophy & hence common election symbol and official MERGER. This practice will put an end to the exploitation and blackmailing tactics of those who practice community based vote bank politics.

Election Commission mustn't give license to usurp NATIONAL RESOURCES by allowing coalition. “COALITION DHARMA” in reality is legalising corruption that leads to SCAMS. Democracy made to bleed.

In case no political party is able to win atleast 50 seats with more than 50% of the votes polled, then Election Commission MUST invite only top two political parties to go to polls again for the sake of respecting Democracy in true sense. The same procedure must be followed in any re-poll to avoid possibility of hung parliament / assembly. This will eliminate opportunistic politicians (small players who only know exploitation). This will also put an end to mushrooming of number of parties just before the elections. Valuable resource must be saved.

How can Election Commission allow any party to form government with less than 50% seats in the name of democracy?

In the present scenario only Election Commission can restore ETHICS and ensure to an extent corruption free Politics. All political parties must introspect and come forward for the sake of true democracy.