Tuesday 8 November 2016




It is mandatory to carry “Pollution Under Control” certificate all the time. How come then a vehicle (Petrol) is declared “Polluting” the day it attains the age of 15 years despite having valid “Pollution Under Prescribed Limits” certificate?

Only NGT can enlighten on this issue. However this decision of NGT has full support of automobiles manufacturers or some of them might have even tried educating the NGT on the ways of controlling pollution. How can NGT order a vehicle to be off-road despite having valid “Pollution Under Control” certificate? The concern of NGT is environment and implementation of laws to protect it through only logical and scientific means.

Phasing out 15 years old petrol vehicles despite having “Pollution Under Control” certificate will be an enormous financial burden on a common men particularly those who are using the vehicles very sparingly, disposal & waste management challenge for the country, wastage of non-renewable resource, out flow of enormous foreign exchange etc.

I humbly request the NGT to reconsider this decision in the interest of the Nation in a more logical way. This will not help in protecting the environment but instead will be a boon to the automobile manufacturers at the expense of the environment itself for which the whole exercise has been carried out. Increased production means more industrial pollution including increased production of greenhouse gases, waste disposal challenge to the country and energy consumption.

I strongly suggest making the “Pollution Under Control” certificate conditions more stringent and a very strict action against any official allowing such polluting vehicles on roads by accepting bribe or for any other consideration.


  1. I agree. If a car is “Pollution Under Control” certified, then does it matter whether it running for 2 years or 100 years.

    The idea of removing the aging cars suggests that the “Pollution Under Control” certificate is useless.
    I believe, these two things are contradicting themselves.

  2. @ Akash, there are norms like EURO-1,2,3.... which are considered when a PUC certificate is issued to a vehicle. a car mfg in 2000 would at max have EU-3 compliance which is way below todays EURO-6 norms (latest). So a 15 year old car just cannt follow new PUC guidelines. You can read both EU & Desi versions about theese norms. Moreover, these norms also forces car companeis to innovate and come up with new tech which are less polluting. and NO a 100 year old car cannt run today coz it wont follow EURO-6 norms of pollution control. Look we need to innovate constantly and look for the future. sticking to old norms and tech will take us no where.

    Also PUC is not useless it just reflects which EURO or Bharat Norm a car/vehicle compliance or follow when its on road. also read VW emission scandal its fun and will clear your doubts.

    1. Point well taken. Therefore, the NGT must specify only the emission compliance norms with technical justification and not the age of the car. How can one put car off the road when a valid "Pollution Under Control" certificate is issued by the transport authority? There are people with lot of technical knowledge who keep modifying automobiles own their own. There are people who believe in using only a better quality fuel like 93 Octane for petrol vehicles.


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