Saturday 15 April 2017



This is a very apt article which correlates very well with ours at least the technical education. Kindly read:

One of the University lecturers wrote an expressive message to his students at the doctorate, masters and bachelors level and placed it at the college entrance in the university in south Africa.
And this is the message;

“Collapsing any Nation does not require use of Atomic bombs or the use of Long range missiles. But it requires lowering the quality of Education and allowing cheating in the exams by the students”

No one is taking note of it despite knowing it fully well. AICTE, UGC, NBA, NAAC have all failed by and large. Most Universities and Institutes in the country are not having minimum desired infrastructure and quality teachers. Whatever left is also deliberately made to phase out. The saviors have become destroyers. They are the factories for producing unemployable paper degree holding engineers year after year.

The strange thing is that all these Teaching Establishments have the blessings of custodian agencies like AICTE, UGC, NBA, NAAC. 

Institutions of higher learning which are independent of these organizations aren't doing justice too. It is a dangerous situation. Unscrupulous faculty / people in the system are managing MHRD to their best advantage but at the expense of the students and the Nation. The people responsible for managing education have definitely ensured the collapse of education and hence the collapse of the Nation.

This collapsing of engineering / technical education has compelled and forced the GOI to launch a “Make in India” programme instead of “Make in India by Indians using the Technology Developed by Indians”.

We have almost reached a point of no return. Since the concerned people aren’t taking note of this dangerous situation means that we are on a path of self-destruction. Is there any taker? I know most won't like this article.

After having spent more than 40 years in the profession I am of the view point that the major cause of collapsing of education is our Recruitment Procedure & Eligibility criteria. Nothing will happen until this is modified and made fool proof. Solutions are available but people need to be committed to education and the Nation first before the first step is taken in this direction. 

Wednesday 5 April 2017



iit coaching why when where

The article in the above blog suggests IIT-JEE coaching to start after Class-V. Starting after Class-V is the endorsement of a 100% FAILED school education system in India. 
  1. Why is that private Coaching Centers are flourishing at the expense of the Government controlled and managed school education? 
  2. Why is that most Government schools are just used for taking DUMMY admission and the students attend the private coaching center? 
  3. If those teachers are teaching better than why have Government paid teachers failed? 

Private Coaching Centers for coaching at various levels have become a Multi-Million Rupee business. Who is responsible for this state of affairs in the country? 

Government MUST either investigate the reasons for the failure of Government schools or think of stopping the colossal investments in school education and various boards immediately. Let school education be out sourced to the private coaching centers. 

As a matter of fact it is not only with the school education system but with all other systems where Officio-Political duo has meticulously ensured failing of committed persons with subsequent mental tortures and also by not taking any action against the delinquent officials as per the service conduct rules.

Jago sarkaar jago. Ab to desh bachalo?

I also request esteemed readers to come out with possible suggestions / remedial measures / corrective measures.