Sunday 19 May 2024



From where Arvind Kejriwal is drawing power to be so arrogant and above law and constitution? Why is that there is no one in the country to show him the mirror or is everyone afraid of him? Without any prejudice, this is true for all other politicians who are arrogant and disrespectful towards law of the land.

 Who are the people who are approving everything he does? Is opportunism so strong that 200 units and 20,000-liter free water (mostly not potable) per month has forced people to sacrifice their self-esteem?

 Unscrupulous politicians whether in power or opposition are destroying the nation by offering freebies at the expense of the taxpayer's money. Some politicians justify these as welfare measures, but in reality, these freebies distort prices, undermine credit culture, and disincentivize work.

 Our education has failed to strengthen the spine of most (not all) of the people. Whatever, the tall claims made, our nation is sliding and we all are heading for an unmanageable chaos if this trend continues.