Saturday 14 April 2018



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The main cause of dilution or the failure of engineering education is the ‘Engineering Curriculum’ followed after the introduction of 10+2+4 system of engineering by the Government in 1977. Our visionary custodians of engineering education simply took off one year from the then existing five year engineering degree programme. Our selfish Pseudo-Intellectual Faculty responsible for handling engineering courses very comfortably took off at least ten hard core engineering courses rather than taking off some of the courses from the pure sciences stream which got shifted to one extra year that was introduced at the secondary school level. This decision taken in a hurry or unscrupulously was the first nail in the coffin of engineering education in the country.

One of the most unfortunate other causes of failure of Technical Education is also the failure of Selection Committees in hiring or selecting the faculty. The system has failed because the Selection Committees most often end up hiring the EMPLOYEES in place of TEACHERS. Unfortunately we don't understand the meaning of TEACHER but we appoint them in plenty. 

Journal Publication based existing selection procedure of faculty has is also contributing in failing the education 100%. The existing system of assessment just can't deliver since it is completely devoid of any 'Brainstorming'. As a matter of fact this system has been meticulously evolved by unscrupulous teachers who are basically the "Classroom to Classroom” teachers. No ray of hope because the system is in the clutches of the people who themselves got benefited from it.

Teachers help and ensure bright future of the students (youth) and the Universities / Institutions also grow / blossom to become World-class systems while on the other hand Employees only poison the future of the youth. The outcome is in front of us. It is the failed industrial base and un-employability of poisoned youth. 

The 9+2 system of school education was changed to 10+2 in 1977 and the custodians of Technical Education very smartly truncated the 5 year degree programme to 4 year degree programme by eliminating some of the very important engineering subjects instead of cutting down the pure science subjects which by and large is the repetition of what the students cover at +2 level. It means the five year degree programme effectively got reduced to 3 years. Further to add fuel to the fire, there are some Universities / Institutes in the country where Final year students are sent for compulsory Internship in the eighth semester thereby further reducing the effective teaching to 2.5 years only which used to be 5.5 years in the past. The T&P activities also practically eat-away the final year teaching in most institutes. Therefore the  quality of present day engineers is anybody’s guess. The most unfortunate part is that the students themselves don’t know that they are being taken for a ride by the unscrupulous Universities / Institutions.

Anybody having time to look into?