Wednesday 5 April 2017



iit coaching why when where

The article in the above blog suggests IIT-JEE coaching to start after Class-V. Starting after Class-V is the endorsement of a 100% FAILED school education system in India. 
  1. Why is that private Coaching Centers are flourishing at the expense of the Government controlled and managed school education? 
  2. Why is that most Government schools are just used for taking DUMMY admission and the students attend the private coaching center? 
  3. If those teachers are teaching better than why have Government paid teachers failed? 

Private Coaching Centers for coaching at various levels have become a Multi-Million Rupee business. Who is responsible for this state of affairs in the country? 

Government MUST either investigate the reasons for the failure of Government schools or think of stopping the colossal investments in school education and various boards immediately. Let school education be out sourced to the private coaching centers. 

As a matter of fact it is not only with the school education system but with all other systems where Officio-Political duo has meticulously ensured failing of committed persons with subsequent mental tortures and also by not taking any action against the delinquent officials as per the service conduct rules.

Jago sarkaar jago. Ab to desh bachalo?

I also request esteemed readers to come out with possible suggestions / remedial measures / corrective measures.


  1. Hello Sir,
    How we can take the responsibility and improve this? By starting a new private schools or becoming a teacher or professor in the existing system? According to me, I would like to create a small ecosystem on my own under the guidance of mentors like you. Please advise.


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