Saturday 26 November 2016




My viewpoint on the subject is well known but the drive has to come from the students since most teachers have started treating teaching / education as a job / means of livelihood and the best means of making money rather than a mission of educating the youth / Nation building. Things are going from bad to worse because the youth has failed / failing to take it seriously. They are just turning out to be merely degree holders but not the educated degree holders. Mind it you all are paying to get educated so it is your right to ask teachers to educate you. Put full stop to MUGGING OR TAKING CLASS NOTES BLINDLY. 

The present day assessment procedures are very stereotyped and have become predictive in nature. Most students are able to make a correct guess of the type of questions those are going to follow. This has killed the enthusiasm for learning amongst the students and they have started taking classroom teaching lying down. The Nation is getting hardest hit. 

Without any prejudice, it is time to revisit the quality of education policy but by the ACCEPTED honest, dedicated educationists and ONLY original & innovative researchers. The present day methodology has failed the education system in the country. Education system is in the claws of pseudo educationists & policy makers. No proof required, result is in front of everyone. Please note pseudo educationists means that the people may be excellent / brilliant in specializations but other than hard-core education.

Students must gather courage and start asking "How & Why" wherever one fails to understand the lecture in the classroom. Education will follow automatically. Class rooms must be made interactive, assessment procedure must be made dynamic & application based. Students must wait to see the answer sheets before going home. Things will definitely improve then. It is clear the present system is not able to cope up but remember youth can achieve whatever they want to. My best wishes with you all. Let us all rise to the occasion and become a positive citizen of this vibrant and dynamic country.


  1. It is the casual nature of students also which is letting the teacher become complacent and relaxed. Sharp students make the teacher evolve in their teaching practice and that gradually takes the benchmark of teaching standard higher.

    The current practice of conducting exams, tests the memorizing power the student and not the concepts. I think the pattern of conducting exams in the country lags big time.

  2. The video is very motivating and hitting the target at the right place.
    Thank you for this blog.What I believe sir the curiosity in the students can be only implanted inside them at the very early stage of their education journey by rewarding them for their curious questions which will motivate other students too to raise the question inside the class without any fear of scolding.
    Instead of discussing and devoting a lots of time on what went wrong and who is responsible we can channelize our effort in how to make this right.
    The moment we all realize that this is necessary then that day is not far when we will set the benchmark for the education system in the world.

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