Wednesday 21 December 2016




Election Commission seeks ban on anonymous contributions to political parties above Rs 2000. 


 This is an excellent move by the Election Commission of India. This must be implemented. Political parties can't be allowed to enjoy immunity against holding / stashing black money. Else the very basic purpose of demonetization will fail for sure. Citizens must come forward to boycott all such political parties who aren't transparent. 

Why should Political Parties be allowed to accept anonymous donations? Where will political Parties get anonymous donations from where every penny is accounted for after demonetization? What is there objection? This rule is legalizing the black money. It is a greatest contributor of black money in the country. How come this rule has come into force? Who all are responsible for introducing this rule?

All efforts for curbing black money will prove to be futile unless this rule is abolished. All political parties will have to come forward in declaring sources of donation. Use of black money has allowed unscrupulous & corrupt politicians to practice the politics of “Vote Bank”. Use of black money has given us caste divide, religious divide, linguistic divide, regional divide and hatred for each other. This is the greatest gift of Indian Democracy to this Nation. This kind of democracy has become a big burden on the masses.

However, we the people of India are the problem and wholly & solely responsible for this state of affairs. We are the masses who don't use the wisdom given by the God. We are the immature masses who get divided on these lines. We are the masses who believe in corruption and Nepotism ("Bhai Bhatija Baad"). Remember only when we are committed to the Nation and Society, such unscrupulous politicians won't succeed. Our Election Commission is also the silent spectator. We have to prove that we are honestly human and not creatures looking like humans. Right now we are insulting the humanity.

We must discard any or all politicians who announce “Freebies” or talk of “Appeasement” of particular communities during election campaigning. Take it from me; such politicians can never be honest and committed for the system. Such politicians are always committed to themselves. Education background alone won’t help us in deciding the right candidate. Educated politician announcing the Freebies during election will always prove to be more dangerous than the uneducated politician. 

We must only accept politicians with the Nation centric agenda. The Election Commission of India has a very big role to play here. We may consider Dubai Model for our country too.


  1. Problem is that the intelligent people try to mind their own business and do not speak about these things or educate the public. This is the reason why the currupt politicians succeed in fooling the people by dividing them on the lines of cast and religion and mend their ways.

  2. Sunil ji it's neither intelligent nor excellent to "propose" the reduction in limit from 20k to 2k for anonymous donations. Its like 5 donors vs 50 donors for 1 lakhs of donation. Coz our uneducated politicians are Intelligent enough to do these things. With every other party reporting 80-90% of donation as anonymous we just can't expect them to curb corruption can we coz it's the Genesis of all corruption. Do we have options here??? Can we vote for the people who are not among the 80-90% slab.... or will we have the courage to punish all those

    1. Well said but it is only our weakness if we can't discard / politically punish the corrupt parties. Ler rise to the occasion and vote only those candidates who belong to 100 % transparent parties. It is possible only it needs a strong determination. Let us move forward. Enough is enough. No donation should be anonymous as a matter of fact. This is what I have already reflected in my article.


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