Saturday 23 July 2016



The country has seen a British Raj for more than 200 years. They exploited us for their personal gains and with the intention of looting the wealth. They could loot the country with ease and at their sweet will just because we as Indians never behaved as Indians and remained divided. They looted because they were not emotionally attached to the Nation. With the rough estimates as on date, Britishers took away wealth worth approximately Rs.534945079499999936.00. One is free to take time in reading the number.

The Government after independence retained all the characteristics of the British Raj. Entire government machinery during the Raj was trained to serve the British interests only. It never had any respect for the needs of the Indian people. Bureaucracy was trained and organized to serve the government only and hence was enjoying all princely privileges. The trend continues. Indian Politicians and Bureaucracy have retained all those characteristics but without any Control and accountability.

Total immunity to politicians and powerful Government officials for indulging in corruption is also a greatest motivating factor. As a matter of fact entire energy of many a persons at senior level is spent in devising policies & procedures to take corruption to a higher level. Policies made by unscrupulous Government officials are endorsed by our highly deserving, learned, educated, intelligent and professionally qualified (Expertise & subject knowledge required to manage the particular ministry) ministers.

Without any prejudice, things won't change until we have professionally qualified officials with impeccable integrity to man the various Ministries and positions. Virtual & unrealistic policies are made in the absence of professional competence to justify their positions. These policies only breed corruption; rather become blessings for the unscrupulous officials down the line. These incompetent & unscrupulous officials rather protect corruption with full vigour & manipulations whenever it is brought to their notice. Entire government machinery gears up to harass & humiliate anybody who wants to be DUTIFUL. Entire administrative system needs major overhauling if at all we want to become a developed Nation.

These leaders have also ensured complete destruction of education by creating two GIANTS (UGC & AICTE) at the expense of the our money only and have succeeded successfully to project literacy as education. This is what the Lord Macaulay wanted. It is well known that uneducated masses can't read the minds of the unscrupulous & crooked politicians and senior government officials.

Corruption has become a characteristic of most Indians after independence. The most justifying reason of widespread corruption in India is UNREALISTIC salary structure, buying power of rupee, huge disparity of wealth between have and have not, absence of merit based appointments, sycophancy, red-tapism etc.

It is really a matter of shame for the Indian population that they are still voting on the basis of religion, caste, region and language. What kind of hypnotism is this? Why are own people following a path of self-destruction. It is like committing “Hara-kiri”. The basis of religion, caste, region and language is keeping us divided.

We the immature people have allowed the nexus of these unscrupulous politicians and senior government officials to suck our blood like a leech. Leech sucks without giving pain to the victim. Our own people are looting us.

Country is in the grip of Cobweb which is stronger than the cobweb of "Darwin's Bark Spider" since independence and nobody ever got a time to think as what is going on and how much has gone till date. Wait until we are able to break this Cobweb.

We all suffered in the past and are still suffering. Why are we continuing to suffer? Our Election Commission is the silent spectator or this has their approval. Has our Election Commission really served the democracy honestly? I may be wrong?

Our systems are managed by these unscrupulous officials in connivance with similar type of politicians. Things are not going to change. There is no hope. We have a PM with a commitment for the Nation and he has a will to transform India but the nexus / cobweb of these unscrupulous government officials is so strong that some GIGANTIC effort from the Prime Minister will only make him succeed.

It is very difficult to fight as an individual. At the same time, the absence of motivation of the majority to fight or react ensures that the leftover unregulated system of British Raj continues and the corruption continues to thrive. Individual commitment of citizens to eliminate corruption will only become a much awaited movement to put India on the highway of progress and prosperity. Are we honestly ready? 


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