Wednesday, 14 September 2016




Result of well-developed and well established government agencies which are manned by well qualified engineers and administrators at the expense of the poor tax payer. Responsible people must be feeling proud of their quality delivery and exorbitant project costs. Concerned minister must fix the responsibility and the whole cost of the project must be recovered from the erring officials.

Encouragement for messing up the projects comes from the nexus of concerned politicians and officials. No one is accountable. Accountability is never fixed. Project costs are never assessed on the quality & value for money principles in reality. Real positive change will come only when the British Raj legacy of administration is done away with immediately. We have been failed by the present administrative system in real sense except some exceptions which are / will always be there. The present set-up is neither delivering nor allows committed officials to deliver.

It is high time; we need to develop a new administrative system which ensures 100% quality, performance, professionalism, accountability, commitment, responsiveness, approachability, sensitivity, transparency and zero tolerance for corruption.

Sincerely requests the present Government to get the analysis done by the professionals who are known for the above traits and have impeccable integrity. 

India has already missed he bus and will continue to miss with the continuance of the present administrative systemThe sooner the better it is.


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  2. This picture summarises the things going on in the country and I'm not surprised to see this.
    With the current race of development all over the globe, this attitude will surely fail India as a country, forget about being a super power.

    1. We are by all means already a failed country with an exception of ISRO but that to in a role of a follower organization. Anyway we must be happy with this situation.

  3. Reservations, which were supposed to be for 10 years after independence, for S?ST only, continue. And even promised for votes by ministers during campaigns . Incompetent get jobs, get promoted, become bosses, competent reporting to them obviously never at their best.,Country goes to hell. Politicians have a lot, but they do not have the time to see that they live in hell, and their next gen. too will.

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