Monday, 29 March 2021





Cheating in the examination is possible mainly because of routine stereotype question papers given to the students on most occasions. Application based question paper that ensures brainstorming must be given to the students with a freedom to bring in books / notes. You won't need to do any invigilation duty. No honest student with self-esteem will feel insulted. I suggest my colleagues to try this soul satisfying experiment at the earliest possible.

 This practice will be an END to mugging and beginning of actual learning (education) process. I very strongly feel that Notes / PPTs must not be shared. This will solve the problem of absenteeism to an extent. We should do away with ATTENDANCE and INVIGILATION DUTY. Spoon feeding of students destroys their instinct of Book Reading / self-study.

However the teacher will still have to do the verification of the identity of the students before allowing them into the examination hall. The teacher will have to get her / his signatures on the attendance sheet and admit card at the relevant place in her / his presence. Use of modern technology like jammers & no internet connection, video cameras and no mobile phones practice must be followed

NPTEL lectures and similar platforms, sharing of PPTs / Class notes etc. are like offering “Gripe water” to a grown up person.

Let us go with the principle of “EVERYONE IS HONEST UNLESS OTHERWISE PROVED”


  1. 'offering “Gripe water” to a grown up person'

    1. It means offering baby food to an adult person which is very true

  2. In the above mentioned clearly about stereotypes of system, until it's exist their lack of chances to brainstorming.
    By the way article is estimable.