Sunday 28 January 2018



All Researchers, Scientists and Managers (Research & Planning agencies) complain about “Lack of Resources”. Hope it includes “Lack of wisdom, Intellectual resource, Commitment and Self-esteem” as well? I really wonder as how pumping of money will address these issues which are of more serious nature than Capital goods?

Importing equipment, instrumentation and software for learning to use them and generating data can’t be taken as research. It only helps in converting a Researcher into a good for nothing Technician that is neither fit to work on Shop-floor nor to work as Honest Researcher.

Most unfortunately most research facilities are mostly producing “Technicians who are smartly Termed as Researchers (TTRs)”. This philosophy has become the mainstay of research (PhD) in the country.

The scenario is:

  • ITIs are not producing trained Technicians.
  • Academic & Research Institutes are not producing grass root level / innovative research.
  • Engineering Institutions are mostly producing paper degree holding engineers (PDHE) who are mostly unemployable.
  • Later most of these TTRs in the disguise of a Faculty since they hold the degree of PhD, start teaching engineering to the students while they are not even fit to work as Technicians.
  • Thrust is on publicity and own career building rather than building an effective education system for sustaining the youth and the Nation.
  • Gross misuse of autonomy and unscrupulous dilution of curriculum.
Sustainable manufacturing and product development needs balanced combination of trained & skilled Technicians and Educated Engineers & Researchers. This serious imbalance created due to our apathy & lack of commitment has given opportunities for Multinational Companies (MNCs) to take full advantage for spreading their wings in the country forever. Once established these MNCs won’t let Small Scale and Medium Scale industries to sustain. I hope our policy makers and TTRs are able to judge the impact on the Nation. Indiscriminate purchase of imported equipment, instrumentation and software only make MNCs rich at the expense of the poor people of this country. One must not be allowed to buy or import the equipment only for verifying the published work done elsewhere. MOST IMPORTANT IS NOT TO ALLOW MULTIPLICITY OF EXPENSIVE EQUIPMENT AND INSTRUMENTATION IN THE SAME INSTITUTE.
Another unfortunate situation is the most selfish attitude of our faculty & researchers. Most of such resource is purchased only to increase the number of stereotype publications for getting promoted to higher positions or for the reasons best known to them. Most don’t allow fellow faculty & students to use the resource and again most Heads of the institutions don’t take any action despite reporting it to them. 

The apathy and lack of integrity of most people particularly the Heads of the Institutions is fast turning this Nation into the Nation of Followers and Mental Slaves. Chatur Ramalingam the famous character of super hit Hindi movie ‘Three Idiots’ describes this best.

This unscrupulous import of foreign equipment, instrumentation and software for no real positive contribution for the development of the Nation collectively from all the Universities and Institutions becomes probably one of the major sources of outflow of precious foreign exchange.

Are there still some people to take immediate corrective action for the sake of our Nation?


  1. This article is also applicable to most of the R&D organization of our country. I will say it is shortcut and safe method to fool others and become so called successful research/scientist.

    1. I agree 100%. You are right. Nepotism and Plutocracy in R&D institutions has completely destroyed the foundation of R&D in the country. In short fake & useless research has become a burden on the society.

  2. Yes, if the information is correct, how to proceed to produce real Ph. D. Scholars, and stopped so called technicians. When potential Ph. D. Will teach produce real engineers and scientists, they will contribute to the nation. Author only mentioned what is going on in the system. What are remedies, who are responsible, how to rectify that our IIT , IISc will get some Noble prize every year ...

    1. I appreciate the feelings and philosophy. Solutions are definitely there but kindly let me know as who is honestly interested in correcting it? Present day Managers have in fact achieved the present day target of failed education in the country. We can discuss the issues with solutions but who is interested at that level?

  3. I think the remedy is to focus on applied research and learning by doing, right at the stage of graduation

    1. Suggestion is good but who will allow this to happen? Education and research is 100% in the clutches of unscrupulous politicians.

  4. Roopesh Banavath29 January 2018 at 13:06

    Multiple problems are addressed in this excellently written blog :
    1) The demeaning "RESEARCH" being done in the nation which is neither productive nor informative nut just a rehearsal of already proven study.
    2) Concentration of technology (multiplicity of equipment within few institutes) doesnt improve the standards of overall education substatially..
    3) Suprisingly, this is really unfortunate to know about the behaviour of teachers in premier institutes. This is a well observed problem in the lower levels of the teaching tree, but this is a shocker.
    4) The Head of Institutions should look forward to curb this misuse of autonomy before these problems become a menace in the system.

  5. Those who try to correct the system are not appreciated and thrown out of system and harassed

    1. This is a well known procedure in our country. Country has evolved a meticulous system of punishing the persons with integrity and reward the corrupt & unscrupulous persons in the last seventy years. Punishing the persons with integrity is the easiest thing to happen because their number is very very small.

      Anyway the attempt here is not to correct the system but to act as a record keeper for their future planning.

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  7. Very well described sir. We lack collaboration in our research.

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