Friday 19 October 2018



Can any country sustain and develop by adopting a principle of PSEUDOISM and particularly in Higher Education? It includes Research & Development. “Make in India” and “Weak Currency” is a greatest gift of PSEUDOISM. Shall we continue with it for the PROSPERITY of our next generation?

The simple answer is NO. Please understand that the one of the main causes of not succeeding is because we work only for personal development and growth. Individual consciously honest introspection has the power to achieve our GOALS.

Let us:
  1. Adopt a principle of “Work for the Nation and the Nation First”.
  2. Resolve to Turn Tables and start building a sound Technological base similar or better than most of the Developed Nations.

 This can be achieved when we consciously and collectively decide to elect people:
  1. On the basis of their Reputation, Quality of head and the Commitment for the Nation is known in general.
  2. Irrespective of party affiliation, cast, creed, language and religion. Voting for the party has proved to be 100% futile. We vote for candidates of a particular party only because we don’t agree to the philosophy & election manifesto of other political parties but after election all these political parties form Coalition Government (“Gutbandhan kee rajneeti”) without an iota of respect for our sentiments. All political parties by and large take the voters for a ride for managing WEALTH for their families and themselves on sharing basis. Coalition is the decent name for sharing the wealth and other assets of the Nation by the elected politicians.

Let us elect only the people with INTELLECTUAL WEALTH AND COMMITMENT FOR THE NATION. Let us try it right from today. Let us vote on the principle of “Deserving Person Only” irrespective of her/his party affiliation. There should not be any hesitation in electing an Independent candidate if he/she deserves. The trend of electing deserving Candidates or Independents will also help in minimizing the role of money poured in by Business Houses for gaining control. Professionals without fat-bank balance would also feel encouraged to contest for serving the Nation.

I strongly feel that the Government so formed will bring in seasoned and professionally qualified persons to head ministries. Such Government will then be in a position to put various ministries under the control of Secretaries who have professional experience in a desired area. Of course Nepotism has to be on the backburner.

Once we decide, the unscrupulous politicians will evaporate instantly. The democracy in the present form can’t deliver. It has failed and has only polarized the masses. Please understand the power of a common man. One right decision can change the future of the Nation. Shall we try? Nothing is impossible. Let us build a formidable India.


  1. I fully support the idea but need to know the mechanism to locate and elect the deserving people.
    The already established parties are making the path of such candidates very difficult so that the other people will also not to think in the direction of reform s.
    It needs a mass awareness movement to achieve such goals.
    Hope in future the same will become reality and we really enjoy the democratic society.

  2. Spread this philosophy to the maximum possible level. Political parties must know that now onwards we will not vote party but the quality of the candidate. We must not allow any useless politician to win in the name of the party. This will put pressure on the parties too to give ticket to the deserving candidates. This concept of voting must go viral. We must not allow coalition governments after various parties contest elections on different symbols and manifestos. Let us not become fool anymore.

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