Sunday, 4 November 2018



True democracy can be sustained and nurtured only when top two political parties are asked to go to the polls again in a situation where none of the parties manage to get at least 50% of the valid votes polled for forming the Government. None of the parties should be allowed to form the Government if they fail to get the magic figure of at least 50 % of valid votes polled. Re-polling is the only option for forming the government.

Asking the top two parties to re-contest at the earliest convenient Sunday will ensure that at least one of them gets a Clear Majority. This will 100% eliminate all possibilities of formation of Coalition Government or the hung parliament / assembly. Horse trading or shifting of loyalties for consideration will become a matter of past. Mushrooming of opportunistic political parties during elections will also become a matter of past.

Or else

This can also be achieved when we consciously and collectively decide to elect people on the basis of their Reputation, Quality of head and the Commitment for the Nation irrespective of party affiliation, cast, creed, language and religion. Voting for the parties has proved to be 100% futile. Till now we have been voting for candidates of a particular party since we don’t agree to the philosophy & election manifesto of other political parties. However, immediately after election all these political parties get together to form Coalition Government (“Gutbandhan kee rajneeti”) without an iota of respect for our sentiments. All political parties by and large take the voters for a ride for managing WEALTH for their families and themselves on sharing basis. Coalition is the decent name for sharing the wealth and other assets of the Nation by the elected politicians.


The Prime Minister can be from the largest group of MPs belonging to a particular party or can be elected unanimously. Remaining positions can be distributed on the basis of proportional representation of every party. Of course Home Minister, Finance Minister, Defense Minister and Foreign Minister will have to be from the party to which the PM belongs. Once we decide, the unscrupulous politicians will VAPORIZE in thin air instantly. The democracy in the present form can’t deliver. It has failed and has only polarized the masses.

Election commission must ensure that the true philosophy of democracy that is “by the people, of the people and for the people” is respected at least now.

Please understand the power of a common man. One right decision can change the future of the Nation. It's time to implement and ensure. Let us rise to the occasion and contribute in REAL Nation building. Let us build a formidable India.


  1. I think that only knowing about the candidate who want to work for nation or who has that qualiy is not sufficient.Education about politics and how elections takes place and all other basic information should be given to common people because many people just neglet these things and then their votes goes to the candidate who is not deserving i.e. just based on cast or language.
    We are unable to decode the election manifesto of parties and can't decide whom to vote.



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  6. Great dream of we the people of India. Hope in near future we get such things happen in our beloved country.

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  40. No party should be allowed to form a government if it fails to secure the magical number of at least 50% valid votes. I like your idea very much but is this possible in India?