Wednesday 21 February 2018



We as a Nation have lost so much in the name of research that if we start totalling it up, the figure would probably be higher than the sum of all the scams put together. Therefore investments in research are the real drain of resources and precious foreign exchange. I am not against the funding of research or research activities but I am against the unscrupulous researchers who succeed in managing huge funding by confusing or convincing the uneducated but literate Politicians & Managers of R&D schemes. It is also seen that nepotism takes over in the absence of desired knowledge. 

The cobweb of these unscrupulous researchers around the honest & struggling researcher is much stronger than the cobweb of Darwin's bark spider who’s silk is the toughest biological material ever studied, over ten times tougher than a similarly sized piece of Kevlar.

Uninterrupted import of technology, equipment, instrumentation and software is the sufficient proof of what is highlighted above. As a matter of fact the unscrupulous researchers take pride in importing almost everything in the name of research.

This cheating must be stopped and can be done by creating a 'watch dog' agency consisting of scrupulous, honest and innovative researchers who are capable of reading between the lines. 

Accountability must be fixed and necessary action as deemed fit must follow. Else Research will continue to behave like a ‘Black Hole’ which will keep gulping the tax payer’s money without any tangible outcome. 

Intentions of the Government are not doubted but the people who are managing it have doubtful integrity. May God save the Nation? 


  1. My observation is that autonomous CSIR labs, to some extent are doing quality research since the money used is accountable and one has to justify the cost. Purely govt. R&D organization, govt. educational institutions or their nexus is the problem

  2. Research in India seems to be lost somewhere. Most of it doesn't seem to be useful in any manner. The deep rooted nexus seems to be at work all the time. Really difficult for a genuine researcher to generate funds because most of it gets siphoned off by unscruplous elements.

  3. It's high time for the nation to get rid of the liability in the form of unscrupulous researchers and recognize the contribution of the dedicated ones. I know it's easier said than done. But, the need of the hour is the adoption of stringent measures to unveil the relentless efforts of the diligent researchers. It is rightly said that "Hard work pays off" . And, if the cobweb of nepotism overpowers the strength of knowledge, then people would soon disprove what has been quoted above. The sooner we understand this the better.

  4. Hope all the measured thought help the field of experimentation and research rather than lengthy time wasters and red tapesim considering Indian History, needs clear transparency with moral accountability...

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