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मारकंडे काटजू या जफ़रयाब जिलानी ?
लग रहा है भारतीय राजनीती फिर से धार्मिक ट्रैक पकडनें जा रही है । अयोध्या आंदोलन के दुष्परिणाम भुगत चुके देश को धार्मिक राजनीती के घाघ फिर से उसी दोराहे पर खड़ा करना चाह रहें हैं । दादरी में अखलाख के साथ अगर साजिश कर उसकी हत्या की गयी है, तो होना तो सिर्फ यह चाहिए कि शासन और प्रशासन उसके हत्यारों को क़ानूनी जद में लाये, बाकी काम न्यायपालिका खुद कर लेगी । अगर मांस के गोमांस होनें की पुष्टि होती है तो प्रदेश और देश के मुसलामानों को मार्कण्डेय काटजू जैसे ओछे लोगों की सलाह पर नहीं, बल्कि बाबरी मस्जिद एक्शन कमिटी के जफरयाब जिलानी (Jafaryab Jilani) की नेक सलाह का पालन करना चाहिए कि "मुसलमानों को गाय की इज़्ज़त करनी चाहिए"। गौ माता की रक्षा को सन्नद्ध मैं अपनें तमाम उग्र फेसबुकिया मित्रों से भी कहना चाहता हूँ, कहाँ थे आप जब लखनऊ का एक मुसलमान नवयुवक कुंएं में गिरी गाय को अपनी जान पर खेल कर बचा रहा था? हिन्दू-मुसलमानों के बीच नफरत फैलानें वालों से सावधान रहनें की आवश्यकता है । इस तेज़ सूचना युग में अगर हम अपनें विवेक का इस्तेमाल नहीं करेंगे तो हम युवा किसी न किसी राष्ट्रघाती शक्ति को मज़बूत करनें के मोहरे भर होकर रह जायेंगे ।

The above article has made me to express my viewpoint on the problem the nation is facing.

View Point:

We are the wheels of the same vehicle (India). It won't move with one wheel or with a punctured tyre. I am absolutely sure that sense will prevail and both Hindus & Muslims won't allow their exploitation at the hands of the unscrupulous politicians with SICK mentality.

Every unscrupulous politician with sick mentality is using both communities to fulfil their lifetime ambition of making fortune after winning elections at the expense of the helpless population and then dump everyone (particularly Muslims). The reason of writing this frankly is based on the speeches which most of the politicians deliver to win elections. Their main agenda always is polarization on the basis of religion, caste, region, language and FREEBIES. It is very clear that nothing is free in this world but our politicians are expert in exploiting our weakness of “Everything must be given free mentality”. These politicians have stooped to such a low level that they have successfully without an iota of shame have created a divide amongst the “Dalits” as well. The new class is “Atee Dalits”. These unscrupulous politicians have succeeded in creating their burrows (Vote Bank).

They are into politics for not serving the Nation and the people; they are here to create windfall fortunes for themselves and their family members only. This conclusion is on the basis of their speeches, election manifestos, their lifestyles, accumulated wealth, and prosperity of these politicians. Affluence of some of the major political families in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh is like an open book.

Education, respect & acceptability of all religion (There is no way out), patriotism, feeling of pain for each other and above all, the loyalty for the Nation will only take us and our Nation forward. We have suffered in the past, we are suffering in the present and we will continue to suffer in future if we don’t change NOW. It is live and let live. Use of force, hatred and insensitivity to each other’s feelings & sentiments will destroy us.

The plight of education is amply clear from this photo of one of the examination centers in Bihar. Politicians in the back of their minds don’t want the population to get educated. They know very well that educated masses won’t vote for such unscrupulous politicians. This should be taken as a wakeup call. It is now or never. We will miss the bus.

It is not difficult to understand that the Muslims are the most exploited masses in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. Why can't Muslims read between the lines the reasons for everyone competing against each other to become a self-appointed caretaker of the community? It is shame that some unscrupulous politicians (cunning) are treating in particular the Muslim population like a fixed deposit in the bank to be cashed during elections (Vote bank politics).

Another dangerous situation arises when unscrupulous Muslim politicians cunningly try to contest from the Muslim dominated areas after declaring themselves as self-appointed Messiah of the population. This particular formula is also segregating the population. This must be stopped. Politicians must be acceptable to entire population. We must not allow such politicians to maintain their personal burrows. One can easily read between the lines.

Poverty, education (Practically no exposure to most Muslims), and number of people to feed per family are some of the reasons which allow their exploitation. I appeal to all educated positive thinking citizens (Any community) to come forward and contribute in stopping this extreme exploitation. Exploiting humans for personal goals is against humanity. Worst is when a Muslim exploits Muslims in the name of religion. I am of the opinion that all educated Muslims who are in the National main stream can definitely explain in a better way the advantages of getting educated.

Please don't get into the trap of asking reservation to overcome these limitations. Ask and demand AFFIRMATIVE ACTION. This is the only way one can sustain with dignity. We must understand that RELIGIOUS FANATICISM and intolerance will surely destroy us.

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