Monday 19 October 2015




Beti hai to kal hai (Daughter ensures tomorrow). The existence of all those who indulge in female infanticide is also due to somebody’s ‘Beti’ (daughter) only. All these people are BIG Blot on humanity. According to:

Overall there were 806 girls to 1000 boys. The sex-ratio was 7201000 if there was one previous girl and 1781000 if there were two previous girls. In second children of families with a previous boy 1017 girls were born per 1000 boys. Sex-ratio in those with one previous girl, who were taking traditional medicines for sex selection, was 9281000.

Evidence from the second children clearly shows the sex-ratio is being manipulated by human interventions.

However there are social issues involved as well. The greed / demands / expectations / Arrogance (ill-treating the parents of the girl and later the daughter-in-law) by the Son-in-law, his parents and relatives is one of the main reasons contributing to the FEMALE INFANTICIDE in India.

This behaviour is unexplainable since the same people also have to marry their own daughter. They and their daughter experience the same but NO ONE IS READY LEARN.

All involved in any female infanticide [doctor(s), technical staff, nurse(s), couples, and relatives] must be booked under IPC Section-302. No considerations please.

I appeal sincerely to treat human as human only. Don’t fix a price tag for the male child (. Remember you also have a daughter to marry. Offer more love and affection to the daughter-in-law since she is the one who goes through a trauma of suddenly adjusting with all new people around. One can win heart through love and affection else life becomes hell for EVERYONE.

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