Thursday 7 May 2015

Viewpoint on separate school board for Delhi students

Viewpoint on separate school board for Delhi students.

“Kejriwal declares Delhi needs own school education board. We need a separate education board for Delhi with a syllabus independent of the prescribed syllabus in CBSE. I am not saying CBSE or NCERT are not doing their job but we need a board that will cater to the needs and requirements of Delhi’s students”.
The basic philosophy of starting and expanding CBSE was to introduce uniform secondary school education across the country. Students are already having problem of rationalization due to following of different curriculum by CBSE and ICSE. This becomes a serious challenge when common merit based on percentage is determined.
The Chief Minister of Delhi should instead try and plug all loopholes in the existing CBSE pattern rather than creating one more liability and enormous pressure on resources of various kinds. Are the students in Delhi different than rest of the country? What happens when parents get transferred to other states or posted out of India or vice versa? Let all the students across country get benefited by the proposed transformation by the Delhi Government. Education being a subject on concurrent list, GOI must ensure uniform school education policy rather than having islands of education in the name of number of other boards which are bound to come if Delhi is allowed one.

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