Friday 8 May 2015



I would like to propose the concept of “ONE NATION ONE TEST” in engineering courses and it can be applied to other streams (courses) as well. Once adopted, it will prove to be a wonderful cost effective and mental & physical stress buster for human resource (Aspiring students). This is the outcome of my understanding and analysis of the IIT system after having spent time as a student, research scholar, faculty, general secretary; IITD Faculty Forum and President; All India IIT Faculty Federation since 1978. Useful discussions & feedbacks from the students and parents have also provided valuable inputs. The proposed concept:

1.                    One single examination “ONE NATION ONE TEST” repeated 3-4 times in a year on the pattern of GRE will be a welcome move. Students should be allowed to use the best score for admission to any institute for a period of may be two years.

2.                    It will offer a common merit to IITs and all other institutions. Apprehension expressed by some faculty members of IITs seems to be based more on emotional feelings and doesn’t seem to be realistic.

3.                    Proper and scientific designing of paper will help in deciding true merit. Must introduce +1 & -1 concept. This will minimise the guessing and hence more realistic qualitative and relative grading.

4.                    All US Universities are able to admit QUALITY students from around the world just on the basis of GRE. Why can’t IITs and other institutions in India?

5.                    Assigning some weightage for 10+2 examination marks along with the JEE marks for determining common merit will be impossible since there are  number of different Senior Secondary Boards offering 10+2 examination. It is next to impossible to moderate the marks of different Boards to arrive at a common merit. This will prove to be highly controversial at some stage. JUST GRE PATTERN WILL SERVE THE PURPOSE. 10+2 should only be the qualifying criteria otherwise this will open a ‘Pandora’s box’. As a matter of fact this is a major bone of contention. This also is a viewpoint of many of the faculty members and public.

6.                    JEE mains must be meticulously designed to cover in depth curriculum of CBSSE “10+2”. This will compel the students to take “10+2” examination seriously.

7.                    Objective of honest and logical grading or ranking will be met when question paper is designed to be based on Application of the concepts rather than mugging the concepts. Stress must be on “Analytical Capability”.

8.                    There must not be any need for a second screening (JEE Advanced) as has been unnecessarily imposed by the IIT system. One single examination suggested by MHRD can be designed to create relative grading and IITs are free to select or choose the best. Even otherwise the brand name of IITs will automatically attract the best. It is interesting to note that the top World class Universities like Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, Stanford University, California Institute of Technology etc. are admitting students from all over the World just on the basis of GRE.

8.1              It is emphasized very strongly that conducting “JEE Advanced” can’t guarantee the best quality of students to IIT system. I am sure the same set of students if given the “JEE Advanced” test again, won’t be able to clear 100%. There is therefore no end to this procedure.

8.2              System needs to be more sensitive & logical. The second screening is causing lot of anxiety to aspiring students and parents. This may be taken as akin to all kinds of exploitation (Mental, Emotional, and Financial) of the students & parents. Hence stop just after “ONE NATION ONE TEST”. MHRD may like to issue the necessary guidelines.

9.                    This will probably put some brakes to the multi-million rupee private coaching business which is forcing the majority aspiring students & parents to BLEED mentally, physically and financially.

10.                It will be a very bold and positive step taken and will stand ground. This will have the blessings of majority of students and parents. IITs are also funded liberally by the GOI and hence the MHRD can make one and all to appreciate the wonderful concept of “ONE NATION ONE TEST”.

The concept can be realised through an independent & autonomous body at the National level.


  1. When the foundations at intermediate level are different.. it is not fair to have such exams..
    First action should be taken to have one course/syllabus across the country at the qualifying level..

    1. Nepotism and Plutocracy existing at every stage in our system hasn't spared even education. Unscrupulous politicians and officials integrated with regionalism is the root cause of not having uniform course / syllabus across the country. We all need to introspect.

  2. It is good to see that the ministry is accepting your suggested ideas.
    I believe other shortcomings in this can be sorted in future iterations.