Wednesday 25 November 2015


When so much noise is made about something then one feels like analysing it. I have been doing the same in last few days. Then came suddenly the shocking outburst of Sri Aamir Khan on the same subject the other day, has forced me to complete the analysis quickly in the interest of the society and the Nation. Though I have requested Sri Aamir Khan to come out with the facts on the basis of which he has made a very pointed remark but I just don’t know whether he will oblige us is anybody’s guess. I really don’t know whether the outburst is factual or politically motivated or motivated by the personal hatred he has for Sri Modi.

I am absolutely sure and confident that there is NO INTOLERANCE in the country. We have been living in peace and will continue to do so. It is only the handiwork of some unscrupulous and corrupt politicians who for the sake of hanging around can go to any extent. These politicians are worse than the British colonisers who had no love, affection and consideration for Indians. They were foreigners and were here with the sole intention of looting the Nation. They succeeded in learning quite early during their strangulating hold on the country that the greatest weakness of Indians was “Can’t stay united”. This was en-cashed and exploited without any effort and they ruled us for more than 200 years. This we teach very happily and with pride that Britishers had “Divide & rule policy and they enslaved us for more than 200 years” to our students in the early years of schooling without any shame.

We don’t teach that we as Indians were the greatest fools who remained divided and Britishers had the last laugh.

It is unfortunate that some unscrupulous and corrupt politicians for whom politics is business to mint money to the extent that they have to stash it in foreign banks. They use all kinds of tactics to keep the Nation divided for remaining in seat such that they continue to milk the Nation. Their main agenda always is polarization on the basis of religion, caste, region, language and FREEBIES. It is quite understandable that money stashed abroad makes a country poor. The same money is given to us as loan and we pay interest on top of it. It is a double negative impact, paying interest on our own money.

Bunch of such crooked politicians / businessmen / industrialists / Government officials irrespective of their POLITICAL ALIGNMENTS are probably feeling uncomfortable may be due to positive:
  1. Check on corruption
  2. Check and unearthing of black money particularly which has been stashed in foreign banks
  3. Direct defence deals ending the possibility of cuts
  4. Strict work place discipline
  5. Little more transparency in purchases
  6. Fear of possible outcome of enquiries related to corruption / frauds / indiscipline which are pending / likely to get initiated.
It looks the only way out to divert the attention of the Government is to create the atmosphere of Hatred / Intolerance / Anarchy etc. etc. in the country to save their skin and be able to continue with their established practices. 

It is not difficult to understand that these unscrupulous politicians like the Britishers, are expert in exploiting both Hindus and Muslims. Hindus have been taken for granted and Muslim population has been taken as “Vote Bank”. What are the reasons for everyone competing against each other to become a self-appointed Messiah / Caretaker of the community? I request Muslims to read between the lines. It is shame that some unscrupulous politicians (cunning & crooked) are treating in particular the Muslim population like a fixed deposit in the bank to be en-cashed during elections (Vote bank politics).

Education, respect & acceptability of all religions (There is no way out), patriotism, feeling of pain for each other and above all, the loyalty for the Nation will only take us and our Nation forward. We have suffered in the past, we are suffering in the present and we will continue to suffer in future if we don’t change NOW. It is live and let live. Use of force, hatred and insensitivity to each other’s feelings & sentiments will destroy us.

Let us bond together and build a formidable India

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