Monday 14 September 2015



Even milk is not required for power. Look at VEGAN mammals like Elephant, Rhino, Wild Buffalo, and Gorilla. They are stronger than the strongest meat eater, the African Lion. Other strong Vegans are Horse, Bull, Ox, Domestic Buffalo etc.


Vegetarian and vegan diets provide adequate protein when menu planning focuses on how much your body needs and which plant foods provide this essential nutrient. Protein is made of amino acids which are the building blocks for our muscles and many other structures in the body. So it is important to consume a wide variety of protein-rich plant foods in meals. As such VEGAN animals are not deficient in Protiens.

Moving Further Back into history we have The ROMAN GLADIATORS, which throughout history have always been referred as the "Strongest Men in Recorded History", but why were they so strong?

Well, maybe it was the fact that they were also called "Barley Men", pointing to their diet, they only ate fruits, veggies, and nuts. They were VEGANS. Vegans have always been around, even in Jesus's day.

Alexander conquered the known world of his time eating primarily corn and rye. Genghis Khan and his men were fuelled on starch as well.

Archaeologists recently unearthed a burial site in Turkey containing the bodies of 60 Roman gladiators. Tests to their remains led researchers to conclude that the gladiators all ate an exclusively-plant-based diet. In fact, they used the word "vegan" to describe the gladiators.

Excess consumption of red meat increases the risk of heart disease, certain cancers, and other disorders. As a result, health-conscious people are eating more fruit, vegetables, and fish, and are staying away from beef. With all the benefits attributed to plant foods, one might think that vegetarians enjoy a huge life-span advantage over meat eaters.

We reviewed the published scientific literature and uncovered some surprising data relating to diet and longevity. As one would expect, most studies show that those who consume lots of red meat have higher disease rates. Red meat not only predisposes people to lethal illness, but meat eaters also have increased risks of ailments such as appendicitis, chronic inflammation, and kidney disease.

A huge volume of scientific data confirms the protective role of fruits and vegetables on human health. So the question is, do people who eat only fruits and vegetables-and no meat-live significantly longer?

Unexpected Findings
Vegetarians suffer fewer heart attacks than meat eaters. Interestingly, this benefit dissipates as vegetarians age. For instance, one study showed that vegetarians under the age of 65 were 45% less likely to suffer a heart attack than were meat eaters. Once vegetarians reached the age of 80, however, their heart attack risk was only 8% lower than that of meat eaters.


  1. Agree to the fullest. Whenever at home I used to consume primarily non-veg, and now reduced it by 75% which is further going to be reduced.
    This is all due to the facts presented by you over the last one year to me. Will remain indebted to all your teachings and blessings.

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