Thursday, 21 April 2022





The honest citizens who don't want to survive on freebies must ask such leaders to make public the source of funding such freebies. The chief minister of Delhi must tell citizens the source of funding 300 units of electricity free every month. I am sure no power generating company will ever allow a free distribution.


He is has started paying Rs.18000/month to the Muslim religious leaders. He should extend it to the religious leaders belonging to all other religions as well, being a SECULAR Chief Minister. I welcome the policy of providing financial support to such people ELSE he must justify the selective move.


How will he pay Rs.1000/month to every female in Punjab is a million-dollar question? Why is he making selective citizens the slave of freebies instead of awakening their ‘self-esteem’?

I request people to question all such leaders who announce freebies during elections. People must understand that accepting freebies means compromising their future.


I sincerely request the Election Commission and the Finance Minister to kindly examine and enlighten the public that it’s all permitted legally else all kinds of freebies must be banned with immediate effect. 

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