Tuesday 29 March 2022



Countries with the vested interests and unsatiated hunger for controlling the entire wealth of the Globe won’t allow the Russia-Ukraine war to stop as far as possible. The proof of this is the continuous incitement of both Russia and Ukraine by their leaders. No one has talked of peace till date, instead they are busy making fiery speeches to fuel the war. 

These countries found an easy prey in Comedian turned President of the Ukraine due to his political immaturity and personal ambitions. These countries have succeeded in tremendously fueling the ARMS RACE Globally. These countries have achieved their targets of demonstrating the capability of their armament and it can be seen in the spiked share prices of military hardware manufacturers. These countries are also in a race to control the oil market and prices. 

Another angle could be to weaken the Russia militarily and therefore all efforts are made to ensure the continuance of Ukraine-Russia war such that western world is able to control the area of land and sea that falls within the Arctic Circle which is a home to an estimated 90 billion barrels of oil, an incredible 13% of Earth's reserves. It's also estimated to contain almost a quarter of untapped global gas resources. Be ready and gear up for full scale exploitation.

This achievement is at the expense of the precious human life. The world is sitting on a volcano of a Nuclear War. These greedy countries must understand that they can enjoy the world only when they are alive. What will they do with the amassed wealth? Anyway, the choice is theirs. These countries are the curse to mankind. Let us pray for the sense to prevail.


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