Sunday, 1 September 2019



The Conspiracy of Scientific Fraud = 70% of Experiments Cannot Be Replicated, 50% of Researchers Cannot Reproduce Their Own Results

1. This is a unique place where faculty is officially funded for carrying out fraud research that brings bad name to the Nation and the Institute.

2. This is a unique place where faculty is liberally funded to travel abroad on Government of India expenses for presenting fraud research for bringing bad name to the Nation.

3. This is a unique place where faculty is liberally funded to travel abroad on Government of India expenses even by telling a lie that you are going for presenting the research paper. 

4. This is a unique place where faculty is officially rewarded for carrying out fraud research.

5. This is a unique place where faculty is officially promoted on the basis of number of fraud and manipulated publications.

6. This is a unique place where Scientists (Engineering) are so fertile that they are able to publish @ 2~3 Journal publications per month.

7. This is a unique place where fraud and cooked up biodata can reward you with the position of Head of the Institution. This means bigger the academic fraud bigger the post.

8. This is a unique place where despite reporting a false claim in the biodata, the person gets promoted instead of getting terminated. Such faculty members themselves don’t even know as what they are teaching in the classroom. These faculty members (vast majority) and the Heads of Institutions who have recruited them are Truly Responsible for Murdering the Bright Career of the Youth and Industrial Slowdown / failure.

9. This is a unique place where students are crookedly brainwashed to run for scoring grades only and there is no place for knowledge. Therefore there is no risk of incompetent faculty getting exposed.

10. This is a unique place where faculty is getting away without responding to the queries of the students in the classroom.

11. This is a unique place where honest researchers are made to slog and subjected to maximum possible academic and mental torture by the unscrupulous Scientists and Custodians of Higher Education.

12. This is a unique place where serious action is taken against the person for reporting fraud. 

13. This is a unique place where all efforts will be made to safeguard the crooked and unscrupulous scientists.

14. This is a unique place where Heads of the Institutions shamefully shirk their responsibility by putting it on the shoulders of juniors. This is also one of the main reasons for the widespread degradation of the Institutions.

15.   This is a unique place where Nepotism has higher weightage than the academic performance.

No immediate action by the Heads of the Institutions and Custodians of higher education in the next fifteen days will prove my point.

Is there any hope?????


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