Thursday 17 August 2017



Corruption is the greatest curse to the society and the Nation. Everybody talks of dealing it with iron hand but in reality, it is protected by building an iron shroud around it. People reporting are destroyed rather. 

It has very seriously impacted: Industrial growth, Education, Infrastructure and its quality, Employment, Defence & National security, Quality of life, Justice, Law & Order, Medical treatment, Adulteration in food products, medicines, petrol etc. As a matter of fact every sphere of life is affected. One such recent example is the case described below:

IIT-Kharagpur Professor Rajeev Kumar, who was given compulsory retirement after he exposed flaws in the IIT entrance exam, can now have a sigh of relief, courtesy former President Pranab Mukherjee. Days before he demitted office last month, Mukherjee had ordered setting aside of the penalty imposed on Kumar. IIT-Kharagpur had suspended Kumar for "misconduct" in May 2011, the same year the Supreme Court had lauded him as a "unsung hero" for his efforts to reform the IIT Joint Entrance Examination (JEE), which has since been re-christened as JEE Advanced.

How do we progress? Can we progress? Is there a ray of hope with the present Political & Administrative system? The blunt and frank answer is NO.

What is the solution then? Every one of us has to decide honestly and sincerely at least for the good of our own next generation. How many of us are ready to see our next generation crying and in tears? Our youth is already crying and is in tears for not getting employed decently despite having valid University degree. Please for God’s sake, don’t be so selfish. We have almost destroyed the future of our next generation. 

There is an immediate need to reform the existing EXPLOITATIVE political & administrative system as it exists today. Task is gigantic. Not at all easy but if we all decide in the interest of next generation then things can start changing. Here is a possible way out.

Start voting the deserving candidates instead of voting for the parties. The Political Parties contesting the elections are not democratic in honest & real sense in a largest democracy of the World. Criminals have a greater worth than an honest citizen in our democracy and election system. The principle of TRUE democracy is "For the people, by the people, of the people" but the criminals and the unscrupulous politicians have reduced it to "for the person (criminal), by the person (criminal), of the person (criminal)".

Almost every party in India has ONLY one dictatorial or undisputed leader and the population of unscrupulous & cunning followers whose only agenda is to secure the ticket for contesting the election and remain with the dictatorial or undisputed leader like a parasite because the number game makes him helpless. The agenda of majority is to make fortune by hook or crook because they don’t have any other quality in them. This exploitative model of democracy has failed the masses and the Nation in the last seventy years. Kindly read the following blog for better comprehension of the EXPLOITATIVE model adopted by the Political Parties:

These parties are flourishing just because good educated and honest individuals don’t have money and muscle power to contest elections. The monopoly of the Political Parties will end the day we decide to vote on the principle of “Quality, Integrity and Educational background of the candidates” instead of on the basis of Religion, Caste, Language, and Region. This may also provide freedom to the undisputed leader to choose professionally qualified members for the Cabinet. 

Start voting for independent candidates as well wholeheartedly if they are good. The Election Commission may ensure that these independents don’t join any party. Instead the leader of the majority seats will be constrained to invite these good educated and honest independents to join the Government. Alternatively partyless Government can be formed purely on the concept of deserving. 

This experiment may or likely to bring end to the entry of UNEDUCATED, TAINTED & UNSCRUPULOUS politicians or the history sheeters into the sacred Parliament. This will also bring end to the humiliation our Bureaucrats undergo while reporting to such politicians. I am sure the Society and the Nation will start moving on the highway of progress.


  1. This is the true scenario of the country. The one who stands is pulled down and out by such unscrupulous people.

  2. In which direction are we heading..??
    Do we have our National Agenda ?
    ( Apart from party Agenda )
    Politicians are busy in vote arithmetics.
    Almost everyone is busy in making money..
    Possible way out ..
    1. Minimum educational qualification and no criminal charges to contest election.
    2. Compulsory Military training of atleast one year to everybody to infuse a feeling of patriotism.

  3. Your response is in line with what we must be having in our country.

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