Monday 5 June 2017




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Nation should conclude automatically. For some people at the helm of affairs in BCCI and many cricketers, it is cricket and wealth first and the Nation nowhere. All said and done, how can India play Pakistan? Thank God India won but what if we had lost? Indian cricketers had the golden opportunity of boycotting the match on the justified pretext of Anti India Slogan shouting and loose security arrangements. But for our cricketers (not Indians but players only) making wealth at the expense of the self-esteem was more important.

However, GOI also can’t escape responsibility of not having control on the activities of BCCI.

ICC can't blackmail India. Should we be more bothered for ICC membership than the prestige of the Nation? Please the "Dharma" must be Nation first and the Nation first only. India must not have any truck with the Pakistan until all issues are resolved. Pakistan is bleeding India in real flesh & blood by killing our security & armed forces personnel on the border while our cricketers are playing & enjoying with Pakistan and making crores? For our cricketers precious blood of our security personnel is thinner than water.

It is the time GOI must take immediate action of disbanding of “The Board of Control for Cricket in India” (BCCI, A colonial legacy and liability on the people of India). It is very difficult to understand whether this Board is Indian or a Board in India managed by people for whom it is not important to be Indian but it is important to be a player.


Something like "Cricket federation of India" 100% may be considered. Strengthen IPL and other domestic cricket tournaments for the enjoyment and entertainment of Indians. Play outside / inside with foreign teams only after keeping Nation first principle. I also request my countrymen for according greater respect to our security agencies and armed forces who are busy 24 hours a day in ensuring peaceful and comfortable life for us.

May God bless all those who are directly and indirectly spending sleepless nights for ensuring security of the Nation. Hats off to all those true citizens of India, who didn’t watch the cricket match between India and Pakistan on 4th June, 2017 at Edgbaston, England.

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