Monday 4 January 2016




Presently, our education system is based on ‘progressive’ western knowledge, science and technology. It is pertinent to bethink that this system was forced on us by a concerted effort of British colonizers after Lord Macaulay submitted his report to the British Crown in 1835.

Perhaps this is the reason why the line between literacy and education is blurred for us even after 68 years of independence. The system satisfies itself by terming a literate person as an educated person. The variable notion of ‘Literacy’ has only enabled us to vaguely image the Western system of education and import technology. This system of education has in fact made us a nation of “followers and mental slaves”. The present system hasn't been able to keep pace with the dynamic and diverse societal & technological needs of the country. Our education system has failed to make the nation walk on the path of progress and development.

Corrupt practices and lack of wisdom has led to the indiscriminate vertical integration of the imported technology and products. The follower’s society has failed to develop grass root technology and lack of drive to lead from the front has made our country heavily dependent on imported technology and products. These products include automobiles which are generally based on obsolete / inferior technology as per World Standards for emissions and having high swept volume engines. This coupled with MOST unscientifically designed / layout plans / quality of roads have IMPACTED / IMPACTING health of the people and environment seriously.

Our roads are not even designed to allow safe bicycle traffic and we are using these roads for big automobiles. Our roads in the capital are guarantee for traffic jams and accidents. Traffic jams are basically responsible for dangerous level of pollution and literally burning precious foreign exchange in the form of the fuel. Fuel available is also substandard in terms of the International standards. SCISSOR CROSSINGS, Pot holes, Broken Roads are common. No one is accountable, instead more and more funds are made available to keep spending on road repairing.

Motorists have no respect for the traffic rules but most of them have valid driving license. Is it a license to drive or license to kill? Are these licenses issued to cause traffic jams?

Strangely why has Government allowed the import of high swept volume cars particularly based on diesel engine technology? Is it really possible to buy these big expensive cars with white money?

Introduction of Odd & Even formula is worth appreciating. However it has been implemented without any scientific planning and ensuring comfortable public transport system. This is subjecting the common man to a great misery and loss of precious time. People are forced to spend more money and time for travelling. This will definitely affect work place productivity. This will also force people to buy second car to beat odd & even concept. Tourists and business persons from other states will find it difficult . This is likely to affect the business opportunities for these people.

Pollution can be controlled through:
  1. The guaranteed smooth flow of traffic 
  2. Motorists are disciplined in a very strict manner. Video speed cameras must be installed for ensuring this. Present corrupt practices won’t help. 
  3. Engineers are made accountable for bad quality of roads. No foreign visits to be allowed. Remember, if they can (developed Nations) why can’t we? 
  4. Large swept volume automobiles particularly based on diesel engine technology must not be allowed. Our roads aren't good enough to accommodate these big automobiles. Space is limited. 
  5. Strict emission norms and quality of fuel must be ensured at the earliest. 
  6. Allow import of IC engines meeting International emission norms only. 
  7. Promote electric / hybrid cars. 
  8. Expand Delhi Metro capacity, frequency and coverage with electric bus feeder service on war footing. 
  9. Increase green cover. 
Till then it is going to be all miseries for the people and advantage TSR drivers, Private bus operators and Automobile dealers. It looks like:


(Jumping out of the fire into the frying pan) 

This video gives an idea of a smooth flowing traffic without a Traffic Signal.

Introducing 10000 Auto Rickshaws (TSRs) & Private buses and enforcing Odd & Even formula in a “Mohammad Tuglaqee Andaaz” (acting without thinking) looks like ensuring business for TSR drivers, Private bus owners and Automobiles dealers rather than checking the pollution. What if this practice is shelved? What will happen to these TSRs? Will they be withdrawn? Are these auto-rickshaws meeting Bharat-VI / applicable emission standards? Pollution created by these additional TSRs will be equivalent to how many Bharat-IV cars? Will the purchase of second car really reduce the vehicular traffic and resultant pollution?


  1. Thank you very much dear Sri Rajoria.

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  3. good and informative article sir, poor design of urban roads and facilities by compromising the environment will cost our generation in near future.

    1. Whom shall we blame. We are the people. You can save generation only through atleast the HONESTY OF PURPOSE. We will have to reintroduce education at the school, college and University level. Please introduce yourself.

    2. Whom shall we blame. We are the people. You can save generation only through atleast the HONESTY OF PURPOSE. We will have to reintroduce education at the school, college and University level. Please introduce yourself.

  4. Excellent thought, especially the attached video

  5. The article is very informative Sir

  6. I found your article very informative & Unique...

  7. This article communicates the visionary thought process and concern for the society by the author. The Government and the authorities should take a note of this and should have a deliberate discussion with the concerned authorities in command and try to implement the ideas. The transport system suggested was a unique plan and the Engineers should think of such ideas and implement as a trial basis without wasting any time.

    1. Thank you Col Amirtharaj for the encouraging words.

    2. Thank you Col Amirtharaj for the encouraging words.

  8. It is perhaps not the ignorance, those responsible for pollution and those promoting themselves as pollution controllers do not even care for their next generations.
    WE had a pervert CM deciding how to control pollution. Who stood at Delhi borders to loot on weekends, took Rs.2000/= fine for every odd/even violation [ Zero fine for polluting, no check of even visibly fuming Diesel Commercial vehicles], used most of the money to hire the most expensive lawyer[ Poacher-cum-drunk-driver-killer Salman Khan's lawyer as per internet] to defend his action. In a court, as most see, the lawyer matters in high profile cases.


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