Tuesday 11 August 2015

Appeal for renaming Aurangzeb Road in New Delhi

Appeal for renaming Aurangzeb Road in New Delhi

Delhi changed the names of some ROADS based on invaders and looters few years back. Its high time, remaining shame must be done away with.

It is beyond imagination that in independent Bharat we still glorify the most barbarian despot ruler, known for his unspeakable atrocities on Bharatwasis. Retaining one of the most important roads as Aurangzeb Road is shame to the nation. It is well known that the Mughal ruler Aurangzeb was cruel to Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims as well. I appeal to the Govt. to take necessary steps and respect the sentiments of millions of Bhartwasis. Most appropriate would be to rename it as Dr A P J Abdul Kalam Road. A public place named after Aurangzeb in secular Bharat is inappropriate.



  1. Very Correct. It should be done at the earliest.

  2. Dear Sir,

    Subject: Rename Aurangzeb Road as APJ Abdul Kalam Road

    We in Bhartiya Citizens Security Council fully support the efforts undertaken by you to rename the Aurangzeb Road by the name of APJ Abdul Kalam.

    India has more than 80% Hindu population which has happily embraced Secularism and do honour and respect all Muslims who has lead the country during freedom struggle and thereafter. Even some Mughal kings have been well respected in our country and have equal share of honour and credit to be our role model.

    However Aurangzeb deserves no such recognition and honour in India neither as ruler nor as role model for Indian society. He was a Muslim fanatic and religious bigot and ruled and oppresses sections of society who were non-Muslims. He disrespected places of worships of non-Muslims and destroyed most of them. His taxation policy for non-Muslims was highly discriminatory and he hated cultures and customs of non-Muslims.

    In fact in his entire life and most especially during his rule, he has done nothing for which present day secular India should respect him and honour him by naming a most prominent road named after him! The present Aurangzeb Road therefore needs be renamed as soon as possible so that present day generation should see him not as a revered and respected person and correct their historical perception towards him which is as religious pervert, fanatic and orthodox, highly preferential and partial towards Muslims and oppressor of other class of the society during his reign.

    While considering our demand to rename Aurangzeb Road, the most worthy name which can be considered is of Bharat Ratna APJ Abdul Kalam, who is perhaps most loved president in India. A people’s president Shri Kalam was scientist, philosopher, author, visionary and philanthropist and eternal teacher – even died while teaching!

    It is therefore demanded that Aurangzeb’s name should be replaced with that of Bharat Ratna APJ Abdul Kalam as mark of true respect to great soul by grateful Nation.

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